Paying Agent Generalized ” Dnrealistic” as Doctors Unions

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Unions Doctors said on Monday their Reserves or their Opposition to Government Plans to Generalize the Paying Agent in Consultations.

For the main union of doctors, the project is ” technically feasible ” © Photo
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The government hopes that the French do not have to advance money at a consultation in 2017 , and before the end of 2014 for recipients of aid in additional health ( people with low incomes ) , as c is already the case for the beneficiaries of the CMU- C ( universal health coverage ) .Marisol Touraine launched Tuesday its guidance for third-party payment generalized committee , bringing together unions of doctors, social security and supplementary health. The General Inspectorate of Social Affairs ( IGAS ) , in a recent report , the reform had found ” technically possible ” and ” justified on the merits .”

But for CSMF , the main union of doctors, the project is ” technically feasible ” . CSMF supports the ” paying agent office ” for the poorest patients but refuses extension to all the French , ” a gas plant which will be at the expense of doctors .”By implementing a complex system with multiple payers (health insurance and complementary ) , the government will ” leave the liberal doctors to cope with more than 400 supplementary schemes , each with their own rules of procedure ,” lamented Chassang Michel , President the CSMF .

A ” liberal alternative ” is possible, recalled CSMF in a statement, which proposes a system of cooperation with banks , where patients are not charged the price of the consultation after being reimbursed by the social security system .

For its part, the union of GPs MG France assured that they ” have neither the time required to verify the rights nor the staff to point the third party payers .” ” The transaction cost, ” should not be passed on to the doctor insisted the union said in a statement . It calls for a simplified mechanism and guaranteed payments ” into a single stream .”Federation physicians France (FMF) made ​​a statement in several prerequisites for any discussion , including the identification of a “single payer window” or the establishment of refunds in eight days with penalties for non-compliance deadlines.

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