PAKISTAN. Taliban Release 7 to Help Peace in Afghanistan

Posted on Sep 8 2013 - 9:06am by Admin

Pakistan announced Saturday, September 7 the release of seven Afghan Taliban leaders, a move designed to promote the peace process in neighboring Afghanistan, and comes in the wake of a visit by Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Islamabad.

Islamabad had previously released 26 Taliban insurgents, the ministry said. Their release came after a two-day visit of President Karzai late August in Pakistan, where he met for the first time, the new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Hamid Karzai Pakistan asked the historically close to the Afghan Taliban, to help establish a direct dialogue with insurgents to end 12 years of war in his country. He has spent the identified shelters Taliban in Pakistan as the main cause of increased violence in his country.

A Sign of Goodwill

It was the first visit of President Karzai for 18 months with his neighboring Pakistan, with which it maintains stormy relationship. Kabul accuses the Islamabad regularly destabilize his country by supporting Taliban insurgents fighting against the fragile Afghan national forces and their NATO allies. Karzai tried with the visit to convince Islamabad to put pressure on the Taliban, who use Pakistan as a base to discuss peace with him directly. Afghan officials say Taliban releases inmates can show their willingness to insurgents and hope that these ex-convicts convince the Taliban leaders to join peace talks.

The announcement of seven new release was welcomed by Ismail Qasimyar, an official of the High Council for Peace (HCP), a government body set up by Hamid Karzai to try to join the Taliban in negotiations. “It is a measure of trust and good will on the part of Pakistan and we hope that the release of these prisoners Taliban promote the reconciliation process in Afghanistan, “he said.

Daily Violence in Afghanistan

Many analysts believe, however, that these releases have no impact on this process, because the Taliban are released back on the field of combat and Islamabad did not realize their freedom to prisoners considered the most influential, such as Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. A senior Afghan diplomat also estimated under the condition of anonymity that these releases were certainly a “positive step, but modest.” “We expect other gestures, the most significant part of Pakistan,” he added, calling for the release of senior Taliban as Mullah Baradar.

Among the seven detainees released Figure Mansoor Dadullah, a Taliban commander captured by Pakistani security forces in February 2008 in the southwest of the country. He was responsible for the fight against NATO forces led by the Americans in southern Afghanistan. Lack of concrete progress in the peace process in Afghanistan poses a climate of uncertainty in the country plagued by daily violence while two crucial deadlines loom for the future: the presidential election in April, and the departure of most of the 87,000 NATO troops in late 2014.

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