Pakistan Dangerous Missile Successfully Test Hatf-9 Nasr

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 8:44am by Admin

Pakistan Dangerous Missile Successfully Test Hatf-9 Nasr

Pakistan with short range missile to carry a nuclear murderer successfully tested Hatf-9 Nasr. The News has reported tribe Pakistan Army Public Relations of the Hatf-9 Nasr this land has the potential to be Parmer range is 60 kilometers.

E issued by the PRO of the Hatf-9 Nasr said capable of carrying a weapon and the target surface with respect to the successful targeting. The low-range missile a threat requires immediate reaction has been developed part. Nisar very rapidly it is mixed with lean technology of Nisar risk of the short-range missile system is intended.

Pakistan Dangerous Missile Successfully Test Hatf-9 Nasr

Pakistan Dangerous Missile Successfully Test Hatf-9 Nasr

The corporal from scattering due to enemy missiles off its high speed trains for tanks and low-flying aircraft that is highly lethal. The corporal has been successfully loaded and is said to guarantee sustainable peace here and risk being foiled.

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