One vs. Xbox. PS4: The Console War is Really Declared?

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VIDEO GAME – The One Microsoft Xbox is launched this Friday in France. The following week is the Sony PlayStation 4…

One vs-Xbox-PS4-The- Console- War- is- Really -Declared

Until now, it was trench warfare. Sony and Microsoft looked daggers at the first few slippery banana peels under the feet of his opponent during a misguided communication management from Microsoft, including at the last show at E3. But the console war is not new. Only the actors change. It began in the 1980s with the Japanese Nintendo and Sega (Master System vs. NES and Super NES, vs. Megadrive). And continued in the 2000s, including a game slightly shifted between the Xbox 360 (2005) PS3 (2006).

The console war belongs almost folklore gaming … “It is a tradition in the video game about platforms competing industry, gamers are very passionate (…), says Brian Blau, an analyst at Gartner . When a gamer invests time and resources in long campaigns and follows a game franchise for years, it is understandable that people become emotionally attached. “The console wars, almost a cultural phenomenon, is seized for example, a recent episode of “South Park.”

“The fact that this war is tough, it is also linked to the attachment of a rather young audience to a brand. It is a way of asserting membership in a clan as his identity, says reporter Matthew Hurel of GameSpot . That said, this war is also entrentenue by manufacturers who taclent eg during public events, such as E3. This year the game is at least in the front calendar. Both consoles come out the same month in Europe and North America. In France, on November 22 for Xbox One, 29 for the PlayStation 4. Unable to repeat the success of the Wii, with the Wii U, release the past year, Nintendo is declared out of play.

One vs-Xbox-PS4-The- Console- War- is- Really -Declared

And to attract players, communication is a vital weapon. Sony has unsheathed two viral advertisements which a recreation of scenes set in the real song (fire) Lou Reed, A perfect day .

But no comparative advertising. The war would be softened? Microsoft has even praised Sony for its successful launch in the United States, with a million consoles PS4 living past in a day.

Fair play then. For Matthew Hurel at GameSpot , there are “moments of truce.” The journalist added: “There is also aware that in the video game consoles are no longer necessarily hegemony over the previous year, compared to smartphones and games free-to-play browser. They both have a market to defend and win rather not to take too much in the legs “It seems a long time since Microsoft sent an Xbox 360 barge on the Seine to taunt the PS3 launch evening.

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