One in Six Children Victim of Social Exclusion in France, According to UNICEF

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One in six children (17%) is in a position “as a concern” of social exclusion and 7% of them suffer from “extreme exception”, according to the findings of the first national survey of Unicef ​​France published Tuesday.

One-in-Six-Children- Victim-of-Social-Exclusion-in-France-According-to-UNICEF

Consultation “Rights of the Child” was conducted from February to July, with the assistance of the TNS-Sofres 22,500 children aged 6 to 18 years from more than 70 cities. The children responded to 130 questions relating to their rights, daily life, education, recreation and health.

10% of children surveyed answered no to the question “my rights are respected in my neighborhood, my city,” 55% yes to the statement “I can be bothered or harassed by other children or young people ‘in the school. 5% say they do not eat three meals a day.

The responses revealed that the integration of children is “very assured” (50%), “pretty much guaranteed” (33%), poor (10%) or “very poor” (7%), reveals consultation of the French branch of the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF).

The analysis shows that the different dimensions of the social integration of children (in the family, the city, school …) are “highly correlated” and that integration is linked to conditions existence (level of deprivation, quality of life, access to care).

For Serge Paugam sociologist coauthor of the study, the results “do not allow to conclude that games are made from childhood” for exclusion but prove that “there is a high risk of social reproduction.”

“There is a negative spiral in which children are trained and disadvantaged families,” abounds Catherine Dolto doctor co, who believes that “our affluent society, wanting equal and fraternal, leaves out a large number of our citizens” .

This study “provides a tool for developing public policies” that fail today “to effectively combat the consequences of poverty and break the vicious circle of exclusion,” suggests President of UNICEF France, Michele Barzach.

The consultation should be submitted Tuesday to the Minister for Family, Dominique Bertinotti, and his counterpart in charge of the Educational Success, George Pau-Langevin.

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