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The former central defender OM occupies from this season, the position of sporting director Olympiakos. On the eve of facing Paris , the South African former international (38) explains why the club including Piraeus comes regularly to look for players in Ligue 1 .


How Did You Found This Position?

Pierre Issa. A mid-June, I was asked by the President.He told me about his idea of ​​a collaboration with Christian Karembeu (NLDR: loaded from this summer prospecting players and international relations). My knowledge of Greek championship and leaders Olympiakos helped. I played in this country for five years and I speak a little language. Today, working with Christian on recruitment but also on the development of the training center and a professional structure.

This Summer, You Still Took Four Players in L1 (Bong Medjani, Ndinga and Yatabare). Why Oympiakos Used To Recruit In The Championship of France?

Firstly because they are good and also because they usually correspond to the Greek mentality. Players such as Christian Karembeu (Note: 2001 to 2004) and Didier Domi (Note: 2006 to 2011) led the way in the 2000s, like Cantona and Ginola did in England. And today, we do not change things that succeed.

Why These Players They Correspond To The Greek Mentality?

There are similarities in the way we live. The Greeks are very open and even if we often talk about the ongoing crisis in the country, there is a unique quality of life. Athens is a great city. In general, players will feel at home. Take Yatabaré, defector from Bastia, that does not change too much. We in the club of French speaking staff. To put the new recruits in the best conditions, we work closely with the Embassy of France.

Players L1 Are They Also More Affordable?

Not only them. Championship of France is going through a difficult period. So it plays and the fact of signing with us may allow some players to develop. Olympiakos involved in the Champions League every season. This is a powerful argument. It helps us things in the negotiations. It is not a requirement of President Marinakis to recruit L1. But most of the players who signed with us managed. So why deny it. It also means that L1 is followed and recognized.

What Is Your Roadmap?

We have free choice but we do not follies in recruitment. This is not simply a matter of resources. The President may make an effort like Javier Saviola this summer (note: the transfer of the Argentine star is estimated at € 6 million and the player would receive € per year in Greece 2 million) but the idea is rather to attract players with room for improvement.

With This Number, Olympiakos May Be Concerned About The PSG?

Paris is the clear favorite in the group given its budget, its players and its course of last season. From our side, we want to qualify for the second round. We are still running but often in the Champions League, there is a psychological trigger. The stadium will be full. We rely on our supporters, which are very important in the club.

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