Of “security holes” In the Mail of the European Parliament

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A hacker has demonstrated that penetrate email accounts MEPs is “a breeze.”

Those who thought that the Snowden case had generated awareness on cyber security in Europe will be disappointed. A hacker has demonstrated that penetrate email accounts MEPs is ” a breeze ” , as he himself says in Mediapart , which broke the story .


Exploiting a flaw in the software of Microsoft Exchange messaging used in all European institutions , the computer expert was able to gain access in recent months ” and regularly ” to all emails 14 MPs , parliamentary assistants and European employees he had randomly selected , history demonstrate that the system was not sure . Among elected spied also include French as John Jacob Bicep (Greens ), Maurice Ponga (UMP -EPP) and Constance Le Grip ( PPE – UMP ) . According to the hacker , this flaw makes it easily accessible personal data and tens of thousands of emails from European officials .

Exchange a Fault and a Good dose of Naivety

To enter email accounts , the man has a simple laptop equipped with wifi and ” some knowledge that everyone is able to find on the internet .” The goal : to ensure that the mobile phones of people go through the wifi range of this laptop to access the Internet . Few people do not check the network on which they are connected and ” rely on OK without reading the warning message” to their terminal. Then the hacker uses a security flaw found in Microsoft software that recovers logins and passwords for those affected. And voila .

MEPs crying foul . “I am absolutely appalled at these gaping security holes in (computer) systems of Parliament ,” he told AFP German Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht, before adding : “If these vulnerabilities are confirmed, the authorities data protection should take the consequences . ” For its part, the Dutch MEP Sophie in’t Veld openly put the issue on the table yesterday afternoon , during a plenary session . She urged the vice -president Rainer Wieland Parliament to ensure that elected officials can ” communicate securely .”

Obsolete Equipment

For its part, the spokesman of the institution, Jaume Duch , promises ” a scrupulous investigation” of IT services to Parliament. ” All necessary measures will be taken to ensure the security of computer systems,” the European Parliament, he insisted , stressing that such incidents are ” serious , but not specific to the European Parliament.” According Spiegel.de website, it ‘s been that Parliament uses Microsoft software obsolete production. Many computers are equipped with Windows XP , the support ends, however, in April 2014. A Windows 7 migration is in progress.

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