Nuclear : Iran Leaves Negotiations

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Iran has suspended its negotiations with the major powers , denouncing the decision of the United States to expand its blacklist of companies suspected of violating sanctions against Tehran, considered a gesture ” against the spirit ” of the agreement Geneva concluded in late November.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry nevertheless insisted Friday night that negotiations would resume “in the coming days,” minimizing the suspension , as a spokesman for the head of European diplomacy , Catherine Ashton, who represents the major powers in these negotiations.
“The U.S. move is contrary to the spirit of the Geneva Accord ” in which the great powers have agreed not to impose new sanctions on Iran for six months , said Friday the Iranian negotiator Araqchi cited by Iranian media.
” In order to establish an atmosphere of cooperation , such a measure is not constructive at all ,” said he told state television .
” We look at it and we will respond appropriately ,” said he added without giving further details , following the interruption in Vienna technical negotiations on the implementation of the agreement.
The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs , Allaeddine Boroujerdi was quoted by the Mehr agency , has denounced his hand a “flagrant violation” of the Geneva agreement , saying that U.S. officials were not ” trustworthy ” .
General Yadollah Javani , an official of the Revolutionary Guards , the elite Iranian regime’s army, called on the government to ” respond to these new sanctions and take appropriate action ,” according to Fars .
“This kind of decision , it still freezes things ,” said at a press conference the Iranian ambassador to France Ali Ahani , saying it would provide grist for opponents of the compromise reached in Geneva.
According to Mehr, the negotiations lasted since Monday in Vienna between the team of Iranian experts and representatives of the 5 +1 (China, USA, France , UK , Russia and Germany) were stopped because of ” new American “and” sanctions lack of involvement of Americans in the agreement “in Geneva .

” Need to see”
The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Minister Marzieh Afkham , warned that Washington would be entirely responsible for ” the consequences of this decision.”
Under existing sanctions , the United States announced Thursday that it added to their blacklist a dozen companies and individuals, most Iranian suspected of illegally trading with Iran.
These companies and their leaders will be any assets in the U.S. frozen, and any U.S. company or doing business in the United States now has trade ban with them.
The Geneva agreement ” does not interfere and will not interfere with our unremitting efforts for unmasking and reach all those who support the nuclear program of Iran or seeking to circumvent sanctions ,” warned David Cohen under Secretary of the Treasury in charge of anti -terrorism .
Friday morning , a spokesman for Ashton said after four days of talks , ” consultations ” would take place in the capital , ” hoping that the technical negotiations will resume soon.”
“We have reached a point in the negotiations where people need to see , take a moment,” adds Mr. Kerry , touring the Middle East , adding ” it is expected that discussions continue in the coming days ”
In Vienna, the Iranian delegation negotiating the practical aspects of the agreement signed on November 24 , in the presence of officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ) to oversee its implementation .
Under the agreement, which aims to provide assurances to the international community on the purely peaceful nature of Tehran’s nuclear program , Iran must limit for six months its nuclear activities in exchange for a partial lifting of Western sanctions .
The United Nations and the European Union also undertake not to impose new sanctions nuclear related during this period, while the U.S. administration should ” avoid” imposing .
But many U.S. lawmakers , suspicious vis-à- vis the Iranian leaders are considering new economic sanctions to force Tehran to sign a final agreement that would include giving up the right to enrich uranium.

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