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WORLD – The agency has cut five billion data every day, according to new revelations of the “Washington Post” ..


We already knew that the large ears of the NSA intercepted large quantities of telephone and electronic data . We must now add to this list geolocation mobile phones, according to new revelations of stolen documents by Edward Snowden and relayed by the Washington Post .

The U.S. Agency intercepts geolocation data of hundreds of millions of mobile phones in the world, according to the newspaper. Every day, this represents 5 billion geographic features. “We get large volumes” of data around the world, confirmed a senior this collection quoted by the Post.

The agency connected to mobile networks

Contrary to what some think, the NSA does not carry the famous bug in 2011, when researchers had discovered that iOS and Android recorded unbeknownst to the user all his movements, pushing Apple and Google to fix it. The Agency connects directly to cables that connect different mobile networks worldwide. In fact, it collects “incidentally” geolocation data of American citizens, which is prohibited.

The value of this collection, made possible by the constant dialogue between a phone and the nearest cell tower and powerful mathematical algorithms, is “to trace the movements and highlight the hidden relationships between people,” says daily.

The NSA can not analyze any

The volume of data recorded and stored by the NSA reach 27 terabytes (27,000 GB), twice the volume of the entire contents of the Library of Congress, the largest in the world.

The volume of information is such that it “surpasses our ability to digest, process and store,” according to an internal document of the NSA of 2012. “The capabilities of the NSA to geotag are breathtaking (…) and indicate that the agency is able to make the most effort to have secure communications futile”, writes the Washington Post know. And revelations are not about to stop: according to the Guardian , only 1% of 58,000 stolen documents by Edward Snowden have yet been published.

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