Nokia Microsoft Success on Tablet Through Phones

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The leading manufacturer of smartphones running Windows Phone ( WP 81.6% were Nokia Q2 2013) will become part of Microsoft. For Ballmer, this acquisition is a “big step” in the transformation of Microsoft.

It also helps to make tangible in the field of mobile telephony, the ambition in 2012 – and reaffirmed in July last – to be defined as an actor services and terminals . But so far in the field of hardware, excluding devices, game consoles, Microsoft is in fact not present.

Services: Common Core Smartphone, Tablet and PC

The Redmond company has debuted on shelves in late 2012. But success is not really to go with sales area too sensitive – and a third place tablet OS (4.5% in Q2 2013).

Nokia Microsoft Success on Tablet Through Phones However, unlike the tablet market, Microsoft has a smartphone market share of more consistent, at around 10% in Europe (and much more in many markets ), but only 3.7% globally . This market position, the editor owes almost exclusively with Nokia.

Microsoft does not he risk through the acquisition of Finnish discourage other manufacturers to develop their offer already reduced terminal Windows Phone? This fear, manufacturers had already expressed at the acquisition of Motorola by Google .

And Stephen Elop himself, CEO of Nokia, was not private then blow cold and invoke a danger for manufacturers of Android phones. Elop will have the same a priori to be done to convince OEM partners Microsoft not worry.

The Success of Smartphone “important” for the Tablet Market

However, they are still reticent in relation to Windows Phone. Apart from Samsung (1 million WP elapsed in the second quarter of 2013), and therefore Nokia, no other manufacturer does not show significant sales on the Microsoft platform.

The Redmond company will have to convince them it is a real alternative, especially Android, Google and more broadly. And for this, the publisher put on services. Microsoft indeed walking in the footsteps of Google, whose services are available by default on Android smartphones.

Service is the key word strategy “devices and services” and one of the main arguments for the purchase of Nokia. “The terminals support services and terminal services support” explains Microsoft. For the latter, the virtuous circle includes all terminals’ success in mobile is important for success on the shelves “and” success on PC tablets will help. “

The Success of the OEM Through the Nokia

The Integration Here Nokia to all Windows Phone was a first step in this strategy services. In early August, Microsoft announced the launch of “Bing apps” for WP. It is also on this application an officer of Nokia blamed late July to Microsoft not doing enough .

“We sell new devices recently and for each new phone, if there is an important application for someone who is not present, it is a sales opportunity missed. We are trying to change the thinking at Microsoft so that they understand (the question of timing). Do not move until the end of the fiscal year to complete its objectives, it does not help us when it comes to selling phones today, “thought the vice president of Nokia, Bryan Biniak.

Speed, this is exactly what Microsoft promises with the acquisition of Nokia, not only to its own benefit. According to the software giant, this operation will stimulate “the pace of innovation and improve marketing effectiveness” to benefit the entire ecosystem.

The integration of Nokia presents different risks and take time. Experience with Google Motorola can confirm. But Microsoft could ignore it and stay out of the design of smartphones?

Forecasts are all reported strong growth of mobile terminals, when the PC, where Windows dominates under high tension with known sales to stagnate in the coming years.

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