Nokia Lumia 800 Review

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Here is the Lumia (pronounced “Loumia”) 800, the first smartphone, or rather Windows Phone (Mango), born of the sacred union between the Finnish giant, in a lot of market share in this segment, and Microsoft also underrepresented in the mobile OS market.

The distinguished Lumia 800 incorporates lines of N9, never landed in our country, and seems to have attributes that can be hoisted to the top of the poster of the best high end phones of the moment.

Nokia Lumia 800 Review What is it? Nokia can he rely on his latest return to its reputation for serious and likely to appeal to the most demanding manufacturer? Response in this test bench.

A Look that has Character

The Lumia 800 has the same design so the N9 (MeeGo) and is available in black (matt!), Cyan and magenta. His pace, particularly successful with its unibody polycarbonate is simple and uncluttered.

The phone is perfectly differentiates its opponents without being overbearing. We love. Even the most ardent defenders of the design of the iPhone 4S (and 4 so) agree that the Lumia 800 is a nice product, say it! It is true that it is far from a trivial kind smartphones waiting quietly on the shelves of shops operators to be noticed.

As so often in Nokia, the finish is exemplary: the chosen materials that inspire strength and confidence, are quality and nothing is left to chance, a silicone case even comes and microUSB port cover, easy to remove does not seem fragile.

We love the convex screen, slightly domed, which fits perfectly to the hull, not leaving, unlike a lot of competitors, a wide border that serves no purpose except to increase the size of phones. The set is really well thought out and comfortable in hand: the Lumia 800 has nothing to envy to the high-end smartphones. Instead, the usability perspective, not supplant it wrong.

Despite its 142 g (a bit less than the great Titan) displayed on the scale, the Lumia 800 does not “brick” the weight is absolutely not disturbing and ultimately strengthens the feeling of high-end smartphone well built.

The AMOLED ClearBlack 3.7-inch (480 x 800p) proves effective in use. The blacks are deep, contrast is infinite, but the brightness is a bit low even pushed to the maximum. If blue is true, the other colors are a bit delusional. It is actually quite close to the Galaxy S on this point. To the eye, the screen is very nice to look at and nothing to spoil, it fits perfectly to the frame.

To complete the ergonomics of this model include the lack of LED notifications (alert when receiving emails, messages …), HDMI port and an inability to increase memory capacity (16 GB only). Shortcomings due to the specifications imposed by Microsoft loads that Nokia has not been able to integrate its terminal.

Left to follow the path marked out by Apple, it would be appreciated, however, to choose a version of 32GB and / or 64GB Note that, as the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Lumia 800 requires a micro-SIM and battery s do not remove.

Friendly interface and Smooth Navigation

Microsoft does not want to hear overlay manufacturer in order to ensure proper functioning of all devices powered by the OS – unlike the segmentation seen on Android devices, not all equal in terms of responsiveness and stability. Therefore, the Lumia 800 shows the same user interface as the HTC Titan , except that the icons are basic, a “blue Nokia.”

An original interface in the landscape of Android and iOS smartphones which reveals simple and convenient to use. Nokia, like its competitors who also sell Windows Phone, was still able to add some unique features such Nokia Music, Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps (see below), apps that are often worth more efficient than software offered by Microsoft. There are also highlights App, so Finnish filter which offers a selection of applications driven by the manufacturer. By shaking the phone, the selection changes: a little more fun, but mostly anecdotal.

nokia-lumia-800In the bowels of the machine, a 1.4 GHz processor Qualcomm signed shoulder perfectly stable OS. Result: The fluid is required and that, regardless of the resources requested by a particular software. So games, GPS and other video playback, which not require a lot of energy to not have to suffer slowdowns, have a very good operation. The applications load quickly also. During our tests, we had to deplore no latency, the Lumia 800 has never failed. Most addicts to their mobile and demanding appreciate its good overall performance.


As the iPhone and its inseparable iTunes, Windows Phone are all dependent on Zune software (download) to synchronize its content (movies, pictures, music …). Not really ergonomic, the Lumia 800 will it still forever connected. Good to know.

To use the camera, the Lumia 800 appears to be very pleasant, whether the speed of the development or recording snapshots, too swift. We also appreciate the wide range of settings, which can adjust the ISO, for example.

From a perspective rendering is pretty decent overall, but worse than that offered an iPhone 4S, a Xperia Ray or HTC Titan. The photographs of Lumia 800 are slightly less than those issued bitten by the iPhone 4S and the HTC Titan, more detailed. Compared to Apple’s device, as proposed by Nokia suffers from a less good noise: the image in low light is rich in colored pixels. Lumia 800 displays colors too cold while the iPhone 4S, he prefers the colors a little too hot. In the middle, more just on this point, therefore more accurate, there is the Xperia Ray with neutral colors.

Video (720p) capture, the Lumia 800 is shown with proper rendering correctly for a smartphone. The films are in fact on the whole, but not particularly clear fluids. Again, there are many settings for those who want it. In terms of video playback, know that DivX will not play natively.

Internet surfing is based on the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Pages load fast and experience, satisfactory, almost identical to that provided by an iPhone 4S, a Galaxy SII or HTC Titan. For the online search, no Google search, but the Bing by Microsoft, although less efficient than the engine as used in the world. The Flash format is not supported.

The Lumia 800 turn: first of all, we strongly advise to keep the kit for pedestrian-car phone for listening to music, can we really find a better and more comfortable, too. The speaker is not the most powerful, but overall, the sound quality is suitable for this type of device.

To purchase music, you have the choice between Microsoft booth and that proposed by Nokia, whose interface remains below that of the MarketPlace.

Unlimited music (14 million shares) with “smartradios” offered by Nokia MixRadio. This free application allows you to select a radio (classic, hip-hop, French pop …) and listen to streaming, unlimited therefore, proposed titles. Note that it is not possible to select titles since, as the radio, you must take them as they come. Little more still, we can spend a few. Of course, behind this service hides the will of Nokia to bring you to the music store so you can get freshly discovered this vast radio pieces. However, there is no FM transmitter, while Nokia offers on many Symbian devices.

Before concluding this test, we can not fail to mention Nokia Maps (Google Maps type) and Nokia Drive. The Finnish manufacturer offers a free native GPS solution – with voice guidance, but without traffic or choice options in its path – which works out effective network provided to preload the cards before, ultrapratique for travel to abroad. As a bonus, the GPS showed a good response to locate the device. Saw the Nokia Maps solution – much better than Bing Maps! – Offers pedestrian paths and even transportation.

Finally, autonomy issue, the Lumia 800 gets away with a good day (with or without Wi-Fi) to use before requesting charging. The energy saving mode can save some battery when the phone runs out of breath.

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