Niger: Why 33% of Mobile Phone Numbers have been Disabled

Posted on Nov 27 2013 - 10:35am by Admin

More than 1.7 million mobile phone numbers have been terminated in Niger. Here is why.

Nearly a third of mobile phones lines of Niger, more than 1.7 million numbers have been canceled due to lack of registrants holders in this country threatened by terrorism, announced Tuesday the Nigerian regulatory authority.


“From that day, unidentified SIM cards can not be used,” he told Almoustapha Boubacar, the Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Post (ARTP), in a point release.

Some 1,728,225 holders anonymous SIM cards, a total of 5,443,914 subscribers, saw their number off, said Almoustapha Boubacar, which was confirmed by the heads of the four mobile operators active in Niger, its present sides.

Nigerien authorities took in 2012 a decree requiring the names of the subscribers to “contribute to the security of citizens and the state cope with the increasing development of tort and criminal behavior,” according to Niamey.

Holders of a smart cell phone had to present their identity papers operators, during an operation of “identification” started in March 2013 and ended last Sunday.

The subscriber identification helps fight against crime

Informal sales of chips “pre-activated” are now banned, according Almoustapha Boubacar.

If the identification of subscribers, which “provides precise information” on them, is important in the fight against crime, it is “vital” for a country “constantly threatened by terrorists”, told the AFP safe source.

The Niger , the poorest country’s porous borders of the Sahel, is regularly infiltrated by armed groups from Mali and Nigeria.

After the kidnapping of two French in 2011 in Niamey – finally killed during a rescue operation by French forces near the Mali – investigators had found chips and mobile phones for tracing a path from Niger-Mali by Nigeria, according to a police source.

The number of a “Nigerian intermediary” between Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) had been discovered, according to this source.

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