Mini 3 in Track For 2014

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And here is the third generation Mini, on track for 2014! Mini 3 is the third version of Mini hachtback launched under the leadership of BMW, and although new, it does not necessarily jump to the eyes at first glance.

Mini-2014- (1)

Yet the Mini exchange at all, with a new platform, new engines, new equipment, and a unique body. The style obviously remains in line with the previous volumes with very close, always Spreads wheels matt black plastic, chrome everywhere, and amounts of black windows which allow to separate the body of the pavilion with two-tone harmonies.

The new platform saves weight and chassis changes with the arrival of an adaptive damping: unheard of in the category of urban! With 3.82 m in length, the Mini is no longer such a small size and approaches the urban as the Peugeot 208 barely bulkier than a dozen centimeters.

Mini-2014- (3)

Presented by Cooper S version, this sporty Mini abandons the 1.6 turbo gasoline designed in collaboration between PSA and BMW for a block 2.0 turbo petrol 192 hp power. Torque 280 Nm 300 Nm passes when the overboost is requested. More revolutionary, the Mini Cooper swapped the 1.6 four-cylinder air for a new 3-cylinder 1.5 turbo petrol 136 bhp and 220 Nm An engine that should eventually find the BMW 1 Series. Launch in the spring, the new Mini Cooper SD will not have the game. We must therefore deal with a single diesel version also features a new 3-cylinder engine. This engine develops 116 hp 1.6 and 270 Nm

Inside, the Mini is changing, becoming more pragmatic: the tachometer is finally behind the wheel! The instrumentation is even completed a single head-up display on the segment, which is not projected onto the windshield as the BMW for cost reasons but on a translucent strip as a 3008 or the new Mazda 3 .

Mini-2014- (2)

Embedded technology jumped forward and goes upmarket with the introduction of automatic emergency braking for the city, the automated parking system, recognition panels, reversing camera, adaptive cruise control, and automatic switching headlights to low beam.

For a city, it is a unique arsenal now. The new Mini and takes off on its general competitive positioning itself as a premium model in his time.

The practical aspects are not forgotten with a capacity of chest progress 51 L, it is raised to 211 L.

Prices starting at 19,950 euros for the new Mini Cooper S

Rates will obviously not be minimalist with a starting price of 19,950 euros for a Mini Cooper, then go and climb to 21,600 euros to 24,750 euros for sport Cooper S. General price floor in the sense that it is difficult to order a Mini without adding packs and enjoy the extensive customization program model so British!

The new Mini is therefore evolving fairly aesthetically like a Golf, but is much more enticing when you take the time to read the data sheet and see the technologies proposed.

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