Mens long hairstyles July 2013

Posted on Jul 18 2013 - 10:47pm by Admin

God has created human being a very beautiful and was creature, and hairs are the main failure of men and women. With them they look ugly so it’s very important to have hairs. In all over the world people have different hair style? Some people have long hair style and some have short but as we look at the men they mostly like to have short hair style because long hair concerned with women.


Now a day’s boys and men’s have their long hair style also as it is include in fashion then there are a lot of hair style of long hairs. Most people’s use to have a pony behind and those who have a long hairs at it they make a tail behind and use different kind of things pins  and hair catches on them . They make different hair styles of their hairs. short hair cuts is liked by most of the men’s they looked beautiful ,graceful and  attractive by having different short hair cut style fashion impacted a lot of the life of human being  and now a day’s people especially young boys adopted their hair styles according to the fashion.


These days if we go to the western world both long and short hair style are in  and popular but in my point of view boys and men’s look more handsome and look nice in short hair style. Some men use their blade in a head –sometimes  a part of fashion and favorites it is because of  some desires. Boys and men make their styles according to their own personality. It is also considerable by peoples have its own personal grooming and fashion. It is also influence sometime by the culture but in our culture has not allowed long hair for boys or men. So men should try to adopt those activities which are preferable in Islamic point of view.

Mens long hairstyles July 2013

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