Memories, Memories: The Beautiful American

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After the war, cars American fascinate. I must say that our Dupont / During national, rolling in 4cv is the end of the world! So when he sees these pictures of cars as long barges, the colors of ice cream … If American cars are so large and opulent, it is not only the willingness of manufacturers. Them, they would almost content to sell ad vitam eternam models 1942!

But then, Mr. Smith grew up in the post-1929 crisis America. Then he went to fight. Now he returns to civilian life and he wants something new!


In America 40-50 years, you have to change cars as often as possible. Then, the license plates on the door of his garage are aligned. Sunday is the club meeting drivers. Shows that each has a newer larger and more chrome than the next model. Mr. Smith thus requiring manufacturers to regularly renew their models. And they put the V8!

Property explodes. Subdivisions are often built far from city centers. In addition, the lobby automobile torpedoed bus companies, trains or trams. The car is mandatory. Faced with this influx of cars, we have to build highways in spades. Mr. Smith wants to do everything by car (almost)! He wants to eat without getting off. He wants to watch a movie car. He wants to travel the country by car (and find the same fast food and the same hotel a rating to another.) Car redefines the landscape. And in this vast country, with straight avenues, there is no constraint of space, we can extend the car at will.

This period was also that of absolute faith in the future and progress. The “big 3” have understood. They incorporate many stylistic references to the jets, see Astronautics. They bardent their car gadgets. They multiply the salons where they unveil the futuristic dream cars with integrated television screens or nuclear propulsion … The designers become stars. Builders climb studios shovel, headed by an all-powerful head of design.

At first, the customer is a novice. The ads are primarily didactic. This is the time of commercials where a man in a white coat begins by recalling a scientific topic (eg safety) and where it ends by showing you the new X is precisely the car that best meets this concern . Then buyers ripen and should be called marketing. The spring used is quite simplistic: a car next to a beautiful house or yacht, to create a “universe” luxurious. Cadillac is going to incorporate gemstone necklaces on these advertisements. Not to mention the other fighters and rocket when launching a new engine (more powerful than the old one, it goes without saying.)

This is an era of optimism. Naivety, some might say. At the point when America elects a President Kennedy to false airs Hollywood actor. Devo sing this beautiful world, it is only for white men, middle class, 25 to 45 years. Women are advised to stay at home and play the little things well lost without their husbands … As for blacks, Latinos, the poor, the beatniks and gays, America pretends not to see. Leaves showing very wide (the Mexicans that I can not see! Hide) opponents this elitist society plans Carrera Panamericana or chains montages only occupied by whites (while black workers are numerous.) Even and consumerist love cars. On the road, the manifest beatnik Jack Kerouac, is an ode to large sedans. As for the great satans Soviet and Chinese, they copy the style of American for their own productions!
Dice the mid 50s tastes change. Large sedans are not a panacea. Americans require breaks, roadsters , pickups, smaller cars … They also show less fond of fins and chrome.

Then Kennedy was assassinated. That day, some American dies. This is the end of innocence, the public discovers the social and racial tensions and the Vietnam quagmire. Car side, the big sedans are secondary and are ringardisées by compact and muscle cars. A page turns.

Then it’s off to Hollywood for yet another season premiere of
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