Mehndi designs July 2013

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Mehndi is a traditional art. Mehndi plays an important role in Pakistan. Not only in Pakistan it is popular in other countries like India. firstly it is used in South Asia. Mehndi is a plant like a tea. There are different types of Mehndi like black Mehndi and holding Mehndi.

Haldian mehndi used in wedding function. Peoples include some mehndi in to haldi and then it is called haldian mehndi. Mehndi is not only used to make tattoo on hands and feet. Mehndi also used to making some tips like

“We include some lemon drops into Mehndi and then add some spoons , yogurt, egg and mixed it completely. Then we use into hair. We can say that Mehndi is like a conditioner in Pakistan. Somebody uses Mehndi for cool down his body. Mostly it is used in summer.

Mehndi designs July 2013

Mehndi designs July 2013

Here we can say Mehndi is a cold thing. The effect of Mehndi is cold that’s why people used Mehndi on the feet to get more and dark color we must be include in it coffee, lemon and some strain. Mehndi became in the business field in Pakistan. The artist making art in the girl’s hands and get money. We can say that the art of making designs has to be become a business. Mostly we use Mehndi on some occasion like wedding function, Eid and Melad.

Merits of Mehndi:

Now somewhere Mehndi is very useful for health. Its make cool of peoples body. When we use Mehndi on her hands feet or body. It gave us very attractive and beautiful looking.

Demerits of Mehndi:

Sometime Mehndi has come into the market is full of chemicals. Mehndi has one kind is called Black Mehndi. This Mehndi is full of chemicals. If we apply this Mehndi in our hands it causes a big disease, that is called cancer. And the people going to be dying. We don’t apply Mehndi on hand and arms after waxing because when all pores are open and the chemicals enter into it.

Mehndi designs July 2013



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