Mayra khan’s praise of young actors

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Mayra khan’s praise of young actors

We must Patronage the actors on their works saying by “Mayra Khan”

Patronage and encourage these senior actors who done his work as a challenge.

Karachi (Showbiz poster): Mayra Khan says that they disagree is own location but we must be appreciated these actors on their works. If we don’t encourage him then he became be a Low Morale. She expresses her ideas during the discussion with the media. She says when he entered into industry there is a large number of those people who filled with appreciated but also some objections are there.

Mayra khan's praise of young actors

Mayra khan’s praise of young actors

She says I just want to say the senior that their cult with our young artists and also they appreciate on his work because the actor was the Ambassador of any country. The artist seen on every side or country in must be also attached his country name with artist name. Mayra’s answer on one question that now a day I am doing work on my project and the people watched me on screen.

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