Marine Le Pen wants to Brignoles a Springboard

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More than ever determined to be President of the Republic, the owner of the FN hopes his candidate will win a seat Sunday as General Counsel of the Var.

Marine Le Pen Hosts A Press Conference In Wissous

Marine Le Pen admit bluntly: she wants to be President of the Republic . “I’m fighting for it, I build the political struggle with this. I owe it to the French. They trust me. Not for mayors or councilors, but to change the situation. “Invited Friday of” Talk Orange-Le Figaro “, the president of the National Front did not hide his ambition.

In 2017, “there are almost as many chances as I can find myself facing a leftist candidate as a right-wing candidate in the second round,” said Marine Le Pen, who dream of a new April 21. She is seriously considering that his party is in the second round of municipal elections in “virtually all of the cities where there will be candidates.” And bet European sign the May 25 victory of the National Front. France would be stronger without it the European Union? “Yes, a thousand times yes, she replies. The reality is that France was diluted in the European Union, “she said, setting the tone of his campaign to come.

All polls show a significant increase in the FN . The last political barometer TNS Sofres conducted for Le Figaro Magazine, up Marine Le Pen in third position with a leading political future tied with Fran├žois Fillon Alain Juppe and Christine Lagarde.

In this context, the results of the second round of the cantonal partial election in Brignoles, Sunday will be observed under the microscope all the political staffs of both right and left, making this election a national test. The election has already been canceled twice in 2011 and 2012. A victory for the National Front in the second round could announce further success in municipal March, particularly in the Southeast.

Lawrence Lopez, FN candidate in Brignoles, addresses the second round with a low score of 40.4%, with a dissident FN, Jean-Paul Dispard, totaled 9.1%. Six candidates were running. Lawrence Lopez and faced with the UMP Delzers Catherine (20.8%) in an area where the left was rolled and shoved right. The Communist Laurent Carratala supported by the PS, received only 14.6% of the vote. Environmentalists EELV did not want to join the coalition PS-PCF. Their candidate, Magda Igyarto Arnoult, was 8.9%.

If this duel “100% right” is a concern for all camps, Marine Le Pen observe the event with caution. “One is never sure to win before an election takes place. Everything depends on the mobilization of those who want a change, “she told the” Talk “. The 9.1% Dispard dissident, who called to vote UMP, do not worry. “He spoke with bitterness, she loose, but I think all the voters who carried him to defer the candidate of the National Front.” In this town Southeast The FN was obtained in 2445 in the first round of presidential elections. They numbered 3330 last Sunday by adding the scores of Lopez and Dispard.

Another observation: the FN electorate also seems that mobilized during partial legislative Villeneuve-sur-Lot and the Oise, where he had already found a duel FN / UMP without being able to win against two well established candidates.

“There is a Real Push Because There is a Desire for Change”

Marine Le Pen also scans the arguments of those who claim it harvest the fruits of the abstention (participation in Brignoles reached 32%): “We feel it on the ground in the opinion polls during by-elections … There is a real push because there is a desire for change. The Front is the only one that offers hope to the French. They are fed, the UMP and PS. Hope is a radical break with the policy for thirty years. “

Florian Philippot, vice president of the National Front, said the issue of abstention is that of Frontists. According to him, a broader participation would benefit the FN, which performs better in the polls as the regional, where abstention is lower than in Europe. According to him, the election of Brignoles marks not only the collapse of the left, but also the erosion of local UMP increased from 25% to 20.80% of the vote.

On the left, the call for the establishment of a republican front claimed by the PS was done in pain. The Communists are joined painfully. The spokesman of the PS, David Assouline, blasted Melenchon, who refuses the Republican front, and he accuses strengthen the FN “of hitting” the socialists and Francois Hollande .

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