Many Civilians Killed in a Drone Attack in Yemen

Posted on Dec 14 2013 - 7:55am by Admin

In Yemen, an attack Thursday, December 12 by a drone – probably American – near the town of Radaa center of the country killed 17 people . These are mainly civilians who were killed. The targets were suspected of belonging to al- Qaeda but the others were civilians traveling to a wedding and not linked to the network , said a security official . Laurent Bonnefoy, CERI researcher and specialist in Yemen , the use of drones may be a double-edged sword .


Laurent Bonnefoy , a researcher at CERI and specialist Yemen

This attack killed 17 people is perceived by the Yemeni population as a response to the U.S. attack that took place last week against the Yemeni Ministry of Defense and has killed 56 people , a particularly brutal attack and, because of its violence , because the images that came out of the attack claimed by some groups linked to al- Qaeda , had a rather negative effect on the image of the jihadists within the population.
Today, we have a form of reversal because the population is , in turn , shocked by the fact that most victims of the drone attack were civilians . Somehow , one enters a phase that is not positive for the stability of Yemen.

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