LG Optimus Pro G A Powerful Smartphone But Not Innovative

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Larger and more muscular than its predecessor, the G, the LG Optimus Pro G does not bring enough new and comes a little late.

LG Optimus Pro G A Powerful Smartphone But Not Innovative 4 The Promise

LG has finally decided to sell in France its smartphone Optimus G Pro. Available for 6 months in Korea, this is the improved version of its flagship device the Optimus G . Bigger and more powerful than the latter, the Pro incorporates many of its high-end features. Announced with big performances on paper, can it really be a place among the best smartphones of the moment? Here are the results of our test.


A large Full HD screen 5.5 inches and a powerful engine (chip quad-core 1.7 GHz): the new LG Optimus Pro G, while remaining thin and relatively light, is equipped to play in the big leagues . And he did not fail in his mission! Heels in terms of performance the best Samsung – the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2 that will compete directly in the large format – this high-end smartphone embeds the latest technologies such as 4G or NFC for transfers without thread.

An Effective but Android 4.1 overlay

LG Optimus Pro G A Powerful Smartphone But Not Innovative 3With a good battery life, especially on appeal (with almost 20 hours), the G Pro shows ultra versatile with a latest-generation processor. Games 3D effects, high definition video, multi-tasking: nothing stops. Navigation interface or web pages is one of the world’s fastest Android. Excellent LG overlay reinforcement system is not there and more foreign-brings its original features, such as QSlide to manage two tasks on the same screen or QuickMemo to draw or take notes. Only downside, the G Pro must be content with version 4.1 of Google’s OS (like G), while version 4.2 is already well established and the 4.3 starts to be deployed.

The Storage Capacity is Expandable

Equipped with the same 13 megapixel sensor as the one on its predecessor, the G-Pro gets the same satisfactory results without being exceptional in-picture and video capture (1080p). The photo mode remains particularly rich effects on the S4 or the Lumia 925 .

LG Optimus Pro G A Powerful Smartphone But Not Innovative 2The smartphone ships with 16 GB of memory (only 10 available for storage) against 32 GB of G. This fault is offset by the presence of a MicroSD reader under the hull accepting cards up to 64 GB and does not require removal of the battery. Another good point for the G Pro! The latter, removable, can be easily exchanged in case of malfunction. The unit loses, however, compatibility MHL to connect to a TV via an HDMI cable (it will settle for Wifi, provided you have a TV equipped).

A Future that Could Turn Short

Thanks to its excellent performance and its well-established system, the Optimus Pro G surpasses its predecessor, the Optimus G but fails to eclipse the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, however, launched nearly a year. The late arrival of G Pro on the market and design without real originality could shorten his career prematurely. Note especially that the 3 Samsung and LG G2 is already on the horizon. Anyway, fans of very large smartphones (not so many yet) will not be disappointed by the versatility and power of the Pro.

LG Optimus Pro G A Powerful Smartphone But Not InnovativeThe Verdict

With its beautiful screen quality, power, autonomy and effective overlay, the new LG Optimus Pro G is ranked among the best smartphones of the moment. As thin and slightly lighter than the Note 2, it does not however able to compete in terms of endurance. Served by a design too mat, this smartphone is an excellent compromise for those who hesitate between smartphone and tablet.

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