League Cup: For Antonetti, “Bastia is the Historical and Popular Club in Corsica”

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FOOTBALL – Now consultant on Canal +, coach Corsican book his feelings about the rivalry between Bastia and Ajaccio AC before the derby will be held on Tuesday at 18h in the League Cup…


A derby between AC Ajaccio and Bastia, even when playing in Martigues, it’s still a game not to be missed for the Corsican people. This Tuesday at 18h, the two clubs on the island of Beauty compete in 16 th round of the League Cup . Frederic Antonetti, the iconic coach Corsican, passed by Bastia, now a consultant on Canal +, explains the differences between the two clubs.

What is the fundamental difference between the two clubs?

Bastia is the historical club in Corsica since the 1960s until today even though it has recently experienced a difficult period. It has always been near the highest national level. ACA, although paradoxically the first Corsican club to have played in the top division, has long been absent from the debate. Although AC Ajaccio managed the feat of the PH back to Ligue 1, the historic club is Bastia.

In terms of supporters, what characterizes those of Bastia and Ajaccio those?

Bastia is the club that has the most fans throughout Corsica. When the Tour de France passed last summer, there were a lot of flags and Sporting little Ajaccio. Bastia is the popular club. Seen through the stadium is always full. The atmosphere is warm, the story is very present. In Ajaccio, it’s quieter, the stage is hard to fill.

Today, we can say that is above Bastia Ajaccio in terms of rankings and recruitment?

Bastia is a continuation of the work done over the last three seasons with the rise of National League 1. Four players who were in the National League 1 evolve today. There was an intelligent recruitment, with experience and consistency. For AC Ajaccio, this is more difficult. But as these are two clubs with the same resources, there is no one above the other. It can change quickly. Just a mistake in recruitment or management that the trend is reversed.

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