Kim Dotcom Mega Leave for Politics

Posted on Sep 7 2013 - 2:35pm by Admin

Very sour boss Mega Fire Megaupload founder, has resigned. Kim Dotcom (Kim Schmitz real name) officially wants to focus on his defense while he is still on probation, within the scope of proceedings for infringement of copyright, embezzlement and money laundering.


It would also create his own political party to promote Internet freedoms and universal network access. A showcase for a man who is still waiting to learn whether he will be extradited to the United States and seems more attached to his own salvation than any ideology.

The name of his successor at the head of Mega is not yet clear. Some sites suggest Vikram Kumar, the current CEO, while others, including the very well-informed New Zealand Herald , cited Bonnie Lam, who had a time acted as spokesman Kim Dotcom in the unfathomable – because almost mafia -. nebula Megaupload On Twitter , Kim Dotcom merely confirmed his departure.

Kim Dotcom is a controversial figure. At the helm until 2010 a very profitable empire, supported the illegal consumption of cultural content by users, the man led a life of pasha until 20 January 2010. This morning, at dawn, the New Zealand Police accompanied by FBI agents stormed on his property near Auckland, seizing the passage luxury cars and a helicopter. The disaster led by the U.S. authorities and New Zealand this operation at the limit of legality gave a huge credit to Kim Dotcom. It already enjoyed a spectacular aura since appeared as the defender of “small” users against lobbies cinema and music.

The new political party of Kim Dotcom will be launched on 20 January 2014, stack two years after the attack on the police and the collapse of the Megaupload empire. The 39 year old man, a German citizen, can not stand himself legislative November 2014 New Zealand . He will leave his lieutenants appear in its place. Already launched his campaign, he promised to better connect the archipelago New Zealand Internet by funding a submarine cable, sesame true for bandwidth. On any matter of national or international politics, nothing very specific, however …

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