Kenya, Advanced Base of Israel Against Al-Qaida

Posted on Sep 24 2013 - 4:55am by Admin

The Jewish state and Kenya have developed a true partnership on the military front and information.

Kenya Mall Attack

“In the fight against terrorism, Israel and Kenya act hand in hand “: these words of condolence from Israeli President Shimon Peres , not only about circumstances. Despite the thousands of miles that separate the two countries have developed a true partnership on the military front and information. According to media reports, Israeli “advisors”, specializing in the management of hostages, were dispatched emergency Nairobi to help local forces to neutralize the Islamist commando stormed the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi . This information has not been confirmed.

Such assistance would however not surprising. For years, the Jewish state uses Kenya as a basis for monitoring the Islamists of al-Qaeda movement proliferating groups in Africa. A “front” became increasingly “hot”, especially since the suicide attack al-Qaida against the Embassy of the United States, which killed more than 200 people in August 1998.

In 2002, al-Qaeda has carried out an attack in Kenya against a hotel owned by an Israeli group. Suicide bombers detonated an all-terrain vehicle in the hotel in Mombasa killing 13 people, including three Israelis and ten Kenyans. At the same time, a second disaster was averted when the Kenyan security forces found two rocket launchers ready that were to explode off a charter plane of the Israeli airline El Al carrying more than 260 passengers.


More recently, in June of last year, two members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were arrested in Kenya in possession of explosives. Lifers, they planned an anti-Israeli attack to avenge a series of assassinations of Iranian atomic scientists that Tehran has attributed to the Mossad . One of the defendants said in court that he was interrogated in prison by Israelis. This “intimacy” is such that, according to Haaretz, Israeli counter-terrorism experts have trained hundreds of military and police Kenyan both in their home and in intensive courses in Israel.

Previously, this collaboration had already resulted dramatically in 1976 when Israeli elite commando had freed passengers of Air France held hostage by Palestinian and German terrorists and diverted to Entebbe in Uganda. At that time, Kenya had allowed a plane carrying Israeli military to refuel in the greatest secrecy. Help the Israelis have never forgotten.

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