Iranian Councilor Nina Siakhali Moradi Recused For Her prettiness

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Iranian Councilor Nina Siakhali Moradi Recused For Her prettiness

Tehran: Nina Siakhali Moradi, the Iranian 27 year old engineer and a web exclusive had through a good win over in the elections under arrest in the month of June the following year for the council member location in Qazvin of the position but had been barred to take over the seat.

It is reported to have said that the young lady with enchanting personality and good looks is not suitable to become member of the State’s Islamic council as this goes against the country’s laws.After the immense win over in the elections with 10,000 votes given to her she deserves to be given the council seat since she ranks 16 among the 163 candidates. The Times of London stated that the young woman had been termed ‘ineligible’ for the position as devout figures intervene after the news widespread of Nina’s accomplishment.Mohammad Olyaeifard, a lawyer and law connoisseur in Qazvin filed petition stating that it is unfairness and unlawful to support an designated member disallowed after one has in use element in the election and has won over.

Iranian Councilor Nina Siakhali Moradi Recused For Her prettiness

Iranian Councilor Nina Siakhali Moradi Recused For Her prettiness

The lawyer termed it as purposeful attempt to hinder her way of success.However, the election examination board confirmed that the lady Nina Siakhali Moradi has violated the Islamic norms and laws and for this reason as element of the formation she fails to correspond to herself in the councilThe Iranian President Hassan Rouhani enchanting notice of the question has directed to ensure femininity egalitarianism on the entire basis and to sustain the conception he also nominated a woman as vice president after the confrontation.

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