iPhone 6: Why There will be no Giant iPhone

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The iPhone 5s are freshly baked and served as bread chocolate millions of greedy little hands already speculation is rife about the future iPhone 6. And if there is an element that feeds the flow of hypothetical predictions, it is the screen size of the next iPhone.

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Already three reports from three different sources mention of Apple will bring to market the iPhone with large screen sizes. The financial analyst Peter Misek expects a 4.8-inch base , the Wall Street Journal bet on a 6 inches and DisplaySearch is a mix of this information to tell us the truth is in a multitude of styles, ranging from 4 7-6 inches.

Most troublesome in these rumors is not the lack of tangible elements from the support but also, and this is a worrying hair, the absence of any logical mind and real analysis that would have to smooth or to eliminate some options. A simple reflection based on the already existing yet allows to know whether a particular screen size is desirable, possible or necessary. What is this trick you say? There are not just and it is the most beautiful, it is enough to press some clear rules that Apple does not compromise:

The design of the iPhone does not change the front given the space constraints due to the presence of the Touch ID (which is here to stay). This simple consideration will affect the size of screens actually desirable for the next iPhone .
Constraints handling and ergonomics remain central
Apple does not change its technical criteria for Retina displays its label, in any case not below a certain limit. Again, this information clears some forecasts tablets.

But let. In fact, Apple will undoubtedly increase the screen size of the next iPhone . Would that because it is for each “full” that such a change is made ​​version of (1 iPhone – iPhone 5 ) and Apple can not afford to wait another three years until iPhone 7 (ie after 6s) to initiate change. And again, we can find a rational and logical explanation for this decision.

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Necessarily a Bigger Screen

The screen of the iPhone 6 will be bigger, but why? To follow the competition? Not only. In fact, increasing the screen several advantages today for Apple, which did not exist before size.

A bigger screen allows to increase the resolution and the number of dots per inch, 4 inch, it is impossible to double the current definition of the iPhone Retina, 4.5 inches, it becomes a technological possibility, as Sharp has clearly demonstrated its Full HD IGZO screens 4.5 inches. The definition of the iPhone 6 then increase to 2272 x 1280 for a very high density per inch which is calculated by this succinctly:

√ (Definition Definition length + height ² ²) ÷ Number of inches = Number of Dots Per Inch (DPI)

So what gives: √ (2272 ² + 1280 ²) ÷ 4.5 ≈ 580 dpi

At 580 dpi, Apple take over the leadership of the density without too upset the apps developers (x2 easy on the display), but more importantly, it is almost required to make this leap. Increase even 1/2 inch diagonal screen without changing the definition would result in a much lower than that of the iPhone 5s current density. Even as Androphones already offer Full HD with a pixel density higher on the screen of the iPhone, such a drop characteristics is not an option.

The Choice in Size

Remains the question of the size of the screen: from 4.5 to 4.8 – 6 inches, which choice is more credible or simply plausible?

This is where the constraints of both ergonomics and fishable area come into play The Touch ID is now a big constraint of space on the front of the iPhone. If Apple increases the screen size, it will anyway be added down the smartphone space allocated to the Touch ID, and the same thing up because we can hardly imagine a Jony Ive accept to break the vertical symmetry his iPhone . This phenomenon is amplified by the screen size chosen by Apple. A 4.5-inch screen and will add an additional 6-7 mm in height (if Apple planed a little way as was done for the iPhone 5), a 4.8-inch display gained 1.3 cm, almost too. So 6 inches …

The Androphones have not this constraint and it is clear with HTC that future biometric sensors are not on the front, in order to avoid too strong a vertical extension of smartphones often already at the limit of “phablettes.” But to use any sensor will be more accessible in these configurations? Touch ID, no doubt.

The constraint is also wide. The IGZO here would save space since this screen allows a space outside display of only 1.4 mm, almost from edge to edge. But even with a saving of 3 or 4 mm, it is still 4-5 mm which would ultimately expand the iPhone 4.5 inches. In the limit of usable with one hand, but still possible, given the improvements in iOS 7. At 4.8 inches, this is really complicated. A 6-inch, you need both hands.

With more efficient IGZO 40% on a conventional LCD and necessarily much larger battery in an enlarged hull, iPhone 6 could also gain autonomy, even with its extraordinary density screen. Optimization that Apple with its new research focusing on mobile GPU team could go in the same direction. The IGZO, real Arles screens, this time becomes a real option, the very best. It will probably be necessary.

To Conclude

Deduce that the final analysis of this small?

Already one thing: this is a 4.5-inch iPhone model is by far the most likely. The iPhone would allow Apple to reconnect with high pixel density, significantly expand the display area without producing an iPhone phablet without harming as neither autonomy nor the grip, or the General “portability” of the mobile.

But, and this is where the strange 4.5 inches, it’s just the screen that was not intended size, by Misek, or the Wall Street Journal or by DisplaySearch that seem have aligned on the largest possible sizes without ever asking the question of the implications arising therefrom. And imagine how Apple does not think the next iPhone without weigh all the implications?

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