iPhone 5s in 1020 Against Nokia Lumia: Which is the Best Photos?

Posted on Sep 19 2013 - 7:49am by Admin

SMARTPHONE – What is the new iPhone 5s tenor facing the sector, the Nokia Lumia 1020 and 41 million pixels? Metronews compare photos.


To your left, the new iPhone 5s whose output in France is set at Friday, September 20, 2013. To your right, the Nokia Lumia 1020, already sold, and probably the very best currently on cameraphone. It embeds in effect sensor 41 million pixels. The Apple iPhone 5s rest him confined to 8 megapixels like its predecessor but they are larger to capture more light. The two objectives of these devices have the same aperture: f/2.2.

No Specific Adjustment of Unretouched Photographs

That’s what the basic features on paper. But which of these two smartphones are doing the best when it comes to taking photos in different configurations? Metronews wanted to have a clear heart and made ​​a series of shots. The principle: start the camera function without making any adjustments and publish the pictures here without any editing in the rough.

In the case of Lumia 1020, the cliché is recovered in high resolution (between 8 and 14 MB) and not in its light “pro” version (a little more than 2 MB) generated systematically. If we had opted for a copy, the image quality was impaired. For information, the size of a file photo taken by the iPhone 5s between 12 and 4.5 MB

Result: Slight Edge to the iPhone 5s

Overall, the two devices show two very good camera phones. However, the iPhone 5s is more balanced in different configurations and particularly formidable in the details. We believe he won that match. The Lumia 1020, which can not focus as closely as the Apple device, has to its advantage the large number of pixels that allows a real zoom in the image already made. To its credit, Nokia offers setting options and many more depth than the iPhone 5s. As in the other case, the user will not be disappointed by the performance.

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