Indian hooligan devastate Pakistani Artists job

Posted on Aug 22 2013 - 8:48pm by Admin

Indian hooligan devastate Pakistani Artists job

just now any more occasion of Indian revulsion occur as the Indian Hooligans destroyed the work of as many as 17 Pakistani artist which was on demonstrate at the Mumbai based International artistic Art Centre.

The brutality attack is followed by the persist LOC tensions between the two nearest countries. The Hindu revolutionary groups under fire the art showing which was controlled by the corresponding labors of Icac and Islamabad’s covered passage 6 in Ahmadabad.Ridding to an Indian newspaper the Indian revolutionary group Vishva Hindu Parishad is liable for the happening that had cracked the entire exhibit there. Out of the 17 artists whose workings were exhibited included Mudassar Manzoor, Sana Arjumand, R.M. Naeem, Omar Farid, Wahab Jaffer, Irfan Gul Dahri, Musarrat Naheed Imam, Masood A. Khan, Mughees Riaz, Mutaib Shah, Abrar Ahmed, Mansoor Rahi,  Akram Spaul and Hajra Mansoor.

Indian hooligan devastate Pakistani Artists job

Indian hooligan devastate Pakistani Artists job

Dr. Arjumand Faisal of covered passage discussion to medium told Icac approached the Pakistani Arts Academy and showed motivation to do a show with them in the jumbo capital, Mumbai being encouraged from the artists work put up on the website. The first show remain successful and consequently it was firm that a parallel be evidence for ought to be in custody again in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

Indian hooligan devastate Pakistani Artists job

Indian hooligan devastate Pakistani Artists job

Faisal said that an Indian protest at the first showing, moving a board at Ni Gufa Gallery in Ahmadabad. However, phone entitle from Ravindra Maya of Icac influential about the art devastation had unfulfilled him. The Icac man has had remain out of write to behind the happening, maybe flee from the assailant’s.


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