In China, Ayrault Boasts Expertise French Nuclear

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The Prime Minister will visit Sunday iconic site Taishan, where French and Chinese build two EPR reactors of new generation.


Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault praised Friday in Beijing the expertise of France in civilian nuclear power, the second day of his visit to China , the world’s largest market for power plant construction. Speaking on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Franco-Chinese cooperation, Jean-Marc Ayrault reiterated Sunday that he would visit the iconic site of Taishan (south), where French and Chinese are building together two EPR reactors of new generation . “It is our Taishan cooperation reactors (nuclear) crosses brilliantly a new course,” he has said. The work will advance “at a steady pace,” he insisted, saying “hope” that this may pave “the way for the rapid launch of two additional units.”

Paris and Beijing are currently examining ways to move towards the launch of the construction of two additional reactors, while preparing the visit to France in the spring of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping. The two countries will celebrate in 2014 the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations on 27 January 1964. The Franco-Chinese nuclear deal concluded in 1983 led to the construction of the plant in Daya Bay, which was the “first stage” of this “common industrial adventure”, said Jean-Marc Ayrault. An adventure that goes beyond the two countries since the French and Chinese industrial sector decided, according to an agreement released last October, to “join forces to build two EPRs at Hinkley Point, the UK” , welcomed the Prime Minister.

Facilitate visas

While the French energy transition project aims to reduce to 50% the share of nuclear in electricity generation in the country by 2025, Jean-Marc Ayrault assured that “this part (…) remain among the highest in the world “and recalled” enduring commitment (from France) in this technology, which is accompanied by an ambitious support the development of renewable energy. ” “France is the world leader for the quality of its electricity, its availability and access”, echoed the Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg, also present in Beijing. “Nuclear enables costs to stable long-term electricity and extremely predictable. (…) (The British) do not make mistakes,” added the Minister. “Nuclear power will always be at least half of our electricity production,” insisted Arnaud Montebourg.

Jean-Marc Ayrault met Friday with his Chinese counterpart, Li Keqiang, by reviewing sections of bilateral cooperation. He said build on a target of 50 000 Chinese students in France by 2015 and promised an easing of procedures for obtaining visas. According to Matignon, there are currently 35,000 Chinese students in France, against 7,500 French students in China. According to a diplomatic source, Paris wants to “significantly shorten” visa, which can vary depending on the current time of year.

Jean-Marc Ayrault was also received Friday by Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping. He also met the President of the Chinese National People’s Assembly, Zhang Dejiang. His visit to China, which ends Monday, focuses on economic issues and trade between the two countries. He called on Thursday and French business circles entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities that present “the huge Chinese market,” while stressing the need for a “rebalancing” of bilateral trade, currently very favorable to China. Jean-Marc Ayrault will travel Saturday to Wuhan (center), where he defended a proposed “sustainable city” for which several French companies have expressed interest. Li Keqiang said on Friday that China was willing to do this project “materialize as soon as possible.”

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