How 9/11 Changed My Life

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For a Muslim boy who was born in  America on September 11 2001 here is a timeline of events related to that day that have affected him (directly or indirectly) and have changed his future.

2001 9/11 Attacks

He shares his birthday with one of the most tragic days in America’s recent history.

2001 Patriot Act

This was signed into law on October 26 empowering the government to spy on its own citizens, with little checks and balances. He is now under the prying eyes of his local police department, the FBI and NSA.

2002 Warrantless Wiretapping

President George W.Bush authorized the practice of eavesdropping on any international phone calls made from the boy’s house as well as emails sent (ceased in 2007).

2002 Racial Profiling During Travel

Agencies began ranking people based on their risk to aviation. His traveling has now changed forever. American Muslims have been targeted in the name of airport security (many times without case) since 9/11.

2002 Unconstitutional FBI Investigation

Guidelines relaxed to allow investigations of ordinary citizens without suspicion of wrongdoing. By birth, he is part of a group that is the prime target for these investigations.

2003 Department of Homeland Security Created

The most significant government reorganization since the Cold War. Its intelligence activities have often violated the rights of innocent citizens. His father could get a visit from DHS at any time without having done anything wrong.

2004 Islamaphobia

According to a 2005 report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), anti-Muslim hate crimes increased  by more than 40 percent in 2004. Members of his demographic group reported hundreds of cases of unreasonable arrests. Detentions, searches/seizures and interrogations in that year.

2006 Gross Violation of Constitutional Rights

If he lived in Southern California (Orange County in Particular) it was discovered this year that his local mosque may have been infiltrated by FBI agents or police officers working undercover to illegally gather information on his community. Similar reports about NY police were revealed in 2013.

2007 Prism

According to leaks in 2013, National Security Agency (NSA) PRISM program was implemented this year. It allows NSA to gather data from internet companies such as email content, search histories and file transfers tied to potential terrorism or espionage suspects.

2009 I Am A Muslim

 A Columbia University Study found that Muslim students in New York were now hyper-conscious about being Muslim whether they are religious or not.

2009 Unchecked Expansion of Travel Watch Lists

This has led to the ‘Flying while Muslim’ phenomenon, which makes traveling for Muslims difficult, particularly if they are visiting the Middle East and South Asia. Even 8-year-old Boys are frisked and held for hours, reports have proven.

2011 Twitter WikiLeaks Court Order

WikiLeaks investigation prompted a secret court order for Twitter to reveal users’ information, raising concerns of all users, especially Muslims, about illegal snooping on social media –  even for a 10-year-old boy.

2011 Four Year Extension of Patriot Act

His representatives in Congress failed to amend this invasive law, which are now in place till 2015.

2012 “Sports Venue Report” NYPD

Associated Press reporters revealed information that the NYPD has been conducting illegal surveillance on Muslim communities and the places they gather, such as mosques as well as sports venues. He is now being watched while playing cricket or soccer in this neighborhood.

2013 NSA Acquiring Phone Records

NSA prompted a secret court order in April for the indiscriminate collection of Verizon records of million of US Customers. A 12-year-old boy is unlikely to realize the significance of this practice but by the time he does, NSA May already have violated his privacy numerous times.

2013 XKeyscore

He may not know what this is but it definitely knows him. NSA’s top- secret program was revealed this year it knows everything he has ever done on the internet.

2013 US Soldiers Lost

According to icasulaties over 6000 US soldiers have lost their lives in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – both of which were related to 9/11. That is more than double the number of deaths when the twin towers  fell. This figure is relevant to every single American.

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