Hollande Tries a “Frank and Direct Dialogue” with Iran

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France is willing to engage in dialogue with Iran without pay to any haggling.

New York

The last appointment summit between France and Iran was in 2005. Jacques Chirac held talks in Paris with Mohammed Khatami , the reformist president quickly thwarted ambitions. Tuesday, Francois Hollande has described as “historic” meeting with Hassan Rohani in an office building glass UN. The president shook hands with his counterpart in his traditional dress, white turban and black cloak. Maintenance of forty minutes that followed took place in a “climate polished, courteous with a frank and direct dialogue,” according to a witness.

For the French president, it was to “test” his intentions the new enigmatic face of “openness” to the Iranian. Upon contact, the head of state said he had noted his engaging words but now expected that these are reflected in the facts. “What France expects Iran, these are concrete actions that demonstrate that this country gives up its nuclear weapons program,” he said from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly a few hours earlier.

The meeting was carefully “rigged” by the counselors. On contentious issues (the nuclear , the Syria , Lebanon, Afghanistan), “we must see how far the Iranians are ready to go,” noted one in the entourage of Francois Hollande. But be careful, be warned once, “every case has its own merits and should be treated as such.” Clearly, not a matter of indulging in any bargaining allowing, for example, Iran to pursue its nuclear program in exchange for a hand to facilitate a settlement of the crisis in Syria. Between the two records, “there must be a Chinese wall”, said Laurent Fabius.

“We Need Fast Results” On Nuclear Power, Insisted the French President

On the issue of proliferation, the pursuit of uranium enrichment, access to all nuclear sites by the IAEA, “you need quick results,” urged the French President to his interlocutor, who recalled his experience as a negotiator on nuclear power in the years 2003-2005. “The questions we asked the Iranians have gone unanswered,” says Will is also in the entourage of Francois Hollande, citing the failure of the last two meetings in Almaty (Kazakhstan), this spring between Iran and the representatives of the “P5 +1” (China, United States, France, Britain, Russia + Germany). These meet again Thursday in New York, their Iranian counterpart, newly appointed negotiator – perceived as reflecting the will of Tehran to advance to ease the pressure of international sanctions initiative. Meanwhile, it has not escaped Paris Iranians and Americans have taken language.

Another major litigation, Syria. Francois Hollande has set the tone for podium of the General Assembly. “For Iran to understand that there must be a political transition. If Iran wants to participate in the Geneva Conference 2, it must be a goal of transition, “he said. Hassan Rohani told him of his desire that the war in Syria comes to an end and was open on Geneva 2, a participant said. On the merits, Paris believes that the Islamic Republic has a “negative” role in the conflict in its neighbor. But judge a French diplomat, “Iran is the fact that Assad is no longer able to regain control and worries, like us, the protection of minorities and the rise of dangerous groups “. Hostile, there a few months, the participation of Iran in Geneva 2, French diplomacy would be more favorable in this context – under strict conditions, however. Faced with Hassan Rohani, Francois Hollande has again insisted that Tehran accepts a transitional government with all the powers, excluding Bashar al-Assad.

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