Holland Goes off in Search of Employment

Posted on Oct 8 2013 - 8:42am by Admin

The head of state is stepping up efforts to reverse the unemployment curve as he had promised. At the risk of stress especially the poor performance of government employment policies.

Holland takes his pilgrim’s staff to reverse the curve of unemployment . The President will tomorrow Roanne to visit two companies. A move that is reminiscent of those he made ‚Äč‚Äčthis summer to promote its policies of employment.


Francois Holland has a point to make summer 2013 season activism . He had visited several times and province to honor companies whose growth was supposed to forget that unemployment continued to rise at the national level and remember that the government was working to create jobs.

A Summer Hyperactivity Poorly Rewarded

July 23 at Dunkirk, the Head of State promised that the 100,000 jobs of the future promised for 2013 will indeed be crossed . Eight days later, he attended in person at the signing of a free employment in Clichy-sous-Bois to highlight the device that fails to convince . On August 2, in Auch, he announced that the goal of many of these jobs signed this year will be doubled to 5,000 job creations . 8, he visited iXBlue , good student of offshore oil and gas, in order to highlight the competitiveness of French companies.

This summer hyperactivity has not yet had the desired effect. The figures for the month of August were certainly better than expected but also distorted by a bug in the mobile operator SFR. The INSEE does not expect a stabilization of unemployment before the end of the year . That would push the goals of reversing the trend in unemployment and lower it in the fateful 10% in 2014. Holland will therefore need to redouble efforts to boost employment expect this fall and not to preach in the desert.

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