HIV: What you Need to know about Self-Tests

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The Health Minister Marisol Touraine announced Thursday that France in 2014 allow the placing on the market of self-tests for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

HIV- What- you- Need- to- know- about-. Self-Tests

After Quick Orientation Diagnostics Tests (TROD) established in 2010 that allows to know her status in thirty minutes, France will market in 2014 the self-tests. The announcement was made Thursday by the Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, at a hearing before a parliamentary committee on funding for health. Half a surprise, ad hoc associations and the National AIDS Council (NAC) is largely in favor of marketing. A picture of a pregnancy test, the person will be able to test itself and read the result within a few minutes, either by salivary between the gum and the upper lip, with a small piece of plastic one turns several times or by blood sampling, the method is identical to that used by diabetics. As for TROD, the test is valid only for a risk taken at least two to three months ago.

Asked by, Tim Greacen, research director at the hospital Maison Blanche in Paris and the benchmark self-test in France, believes that “this progress is essential.” The researcher conducted a survey called Webtest there four years on people who buy online self-tests are not allowed. “We had more than 10,000 responses online, which shows people’s interest for these tests,” he says. The researcher suggests three reasons for this enthusiasm convenience (no need to 20 km to find a testing center), speed (test result within a few minutes), but above the guaranteed anonymity: “many have afraid to take the test, not because they fear the result, but because they do not want to be seen in a center or talk to their family doctor, “he develops. The main populations often reside in the provinces or are men who have sex with men in a hidden way, says Tim Greacen.

Interpretation Errors due to “Operational Errors”

The introduction of self-tests would uncover 4,000 seropositivity and prevent 400 new infections per year in France, according to a notice of the NSC which relies on projections made in the United States, where the process has been marketed since 1996. However, the National Ethics Advisory Committee (NEAC) , questioned on the subject, warned in March against the risk of misdiagnosis. In the United States, studies on saliva tests showed a reliability of 99.8% on the negative and the positive 92.9%. Hence the need for a positive serology, confirmed with a laboratory test. “But most errors are errors of manipulation, reassures Tim Greacen. Should be a large drop of blood for the test to be valid,” too low setting may distort the results and require the use of a second self-test.

The researcher and advocate accompaniment by a small online training and, where applicable, phone support. One way to optimize the process and to avoid misinterpretation, but also provide preventive messages that a doctor would usually in consultation. As for the price, if it has not yet been defined, we know that should not be covered by social security. However, Tim Greacen hope it will not be higher than a doctor’s visit and more importantly, we can get two for the price of one. Accessibility and reliability are two necessary conditions, while an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 the number of people living with HIV in France without knowing it.

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