High -Tech Sales in 2013 : Tablets Sell Better Than PCs in France

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According to a study by GfK , the tablet market is faring better than PC. The group has just released its sales figures for technical goods in France.

According to figures recently published by GfK for 2013 , we can observe that increasing sales of smartphones and tablets have pushed the total sales of technical goods in France. € 15.4 billion spending technical goods were made ​​in 2013 , a decrease of 2% but a revival is expected by analysts for 2014. François KLIPFEL , Deputy Managing Director at GfK Consumer Choices France says : ” While smartphones and tablets remain the most coveted products , but carry with them the development or the rebirth of a set of traditional materials now connected .”

The market for technical goods in 2013 in France


Consumers adhere well to connected products . They represent 50 % of purchases of technical goods in 2013. Technical assets include flat screens, cameras, hi -fi and video equipment , tablets and smartphones. In 2013 , there were an average of 5.9 devices per household. France is above the European average largely due to sales of tablets and the Telecom sector with offers without engagement proposed by the operators. Sales of smartphones without a plan were therefore more important.

In 2013 , 25% of smartphones were sold without subscription and without subsidy and 20% of smartphones sold were less than 150 euros. The low cost of the market is changing. 4G smartphones accounted for 20 % of sales in 2013, 15.8 million smartphones. The French are adept touch pads although in 71% of cases , they consider that it does not replace their PCs. The desktop or laptop remains the preferred medium to work . Tablet sales exceeded those of PCs with 6.2 million units sold against 800,000 desktop PCs. In 2014, GfK anticipates an increase in sales of tablets even if the penetration of this growing market is only 29 % currently. Hybrid tablets ( tablets / PC) are expected to increase up to 450 000 units planned according to analysts .

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