Health: swaddle baby too tight promotes hip problems

Posted on Oct 30 2013 - 11:58am by Admin

A study says that the technique of tight swaddling babies promotes hip problems in the offspring.


An old custom of tight swaddling babies, arms and legs shackled, returned to fashion, is a risky practice for hip joint small, warn experts Tuesday, October 29. Langer baby in this way facilitate sleep, soothe her crying and even his colic by recreating the comforting warmth he experienced in the womb, according to the parents.

Risk factor for babies

But this habit is ancestral risk factor for development of joint damage, such as congenital hip dislocation, and can lead to surgery for total hip replacement in adulthood, notes Professor Nicholas Clarke, pediatric orthopedic surgeon (United Kingdom) in the British pediatric journal Archives of Disease in Childhood.

Nine out of ten babies around the United States are well swaddled in old the first six months of life and the demand for clothing (mixture, cover, etc.). Packaging blocking the baby’s movements jumped 61 % in the United Kingdom between 2010 and 2011, warns that specialist.

Wrap the baby and prevent fidgeting and therefore hinders the natural movements of the hips and legs, say the experts. Or being able to move, bend and stretch his legs, supports the normal development of the hip joint, that is to say, allows the femoral head to fit properly on the basin in a bone cavity and cartilage.

One in five babies is born with an abnormality of the hip

In Japan, a program to encourage the grandmothers not too tight swaddle their grandchildren helped reduce the incidence of hip dislocation, according to Professor Clarke. Enthusiasts, it recommends to use only a loose swaddling that allows the child to move his legs freely.

About one in five babies is born with an abnormality of the hip (hip unstable or rare, true dislocation). Early and, if necessary screening, appropriate treatment can replace the femoral head centered in the hole (the cup) to prevent dislocation and its consequences (lameness and ultimately damage to the joint). But swaddling extended, elongated legs pressed against each other, promotes the binding of anomalies that might otherwise develop properly.

“There is indeed evidence that this swaddling can affect the normal development of infant hips,” says Andreas also Roposch, an orthopedic surgeon in London, who advises.

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