Hairstyle man, Autumn-Winter 2013-2014

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While the volume was the watchword cuts summer 2013, how will this autumn-winter 2013-2014 in hairstyle?

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This season, men’s fashion is greatly inspired by the feminine universe . This is certainly a reality with regard to clothing. In the world of hair, men are also called to let their feminine side, but rest assured, it does take away from your manhood, your charisma or seductive face!

Jean-Louis David plays it like Beckham!

Match Game, the new lookbook by Jean-Louis David we clearly reflect the image of David Beckham. In fact, the hair retain a good length and are brought back. A dose of styling wax is added to maintain the volume and give a vintage look.

For more rebellious face, opt for the gel and hair that frame the face more so to put it better value, especially at eye level.

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For Franck Provost, the man at the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 must learn to let go and put some originality in her hair. Nothing too racy, however: we opt for a cut falsely neglected slightly “pissed off.” Afterwards, feel free to leave your living hair or the back on one side to a result that is reminiscent of the famous Dr. House series … to continue our game similarities.

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In Interlude, cutting up on some classic this season. The hairstyle is reminiscent of a well-behaved little boy – but beware of the sleeping water – the hair falls on his forehead or are folded back.

For this variant, you can accentuate the retro look at James Dean, history displays a youthful face seducer.

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A bit like his sidekick Franck Provost , St. Algae allows men to let their “hair creativity.” Favoring a short cut on the sides and keeping the length on top, you will be able to vary your hairstyle every day, depending on your mood: bit patch on the side, sassy little tuft or “pretty hair mess “Try it!

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In Fabio Salsa too, chooses to cut short on the sides and longer hair on the top of the skull. The hair still loses a few inches over the summer 2013 collection , classic enough for any sum result.

Prefer the use of styling wax to maintain natural hair … and a breathtaking style, allowing some freedom to your hair.

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The bowl cut scares you? This is normal. And yet, it is back in fashion at the end of 2013. Moreover, no question of being scared! It is far cry from the ugly bowl cut of eighty years. Hair Stylist & Co has chosen to revisit this cut this fall, riding the trend of a rather large hair in men.

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Your hairstyle can then play on all tables, retro style with natural cut through the seducer who does not know … or not!

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