Gwyneth x Stella

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With my friends, when we find ourselves, it is to tell our lives, take pictures, post them on Instagram and gossip. Normal, what. And I guess most of you.
Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow, they, when they find it is to create a line of ready-to-wear that will inevitably tear (sometimes life is so unfair) (call me Calimero) (it’s Friday, I ‘have the right).

We will find parts “that we would bequeath to our daughters. Easy to wear and parts that will remain over time, “said Gwyneth. Include blazers, suits (too easy to wear, what), sweaters and wool trousers (hello sweating). For real, there is jealousy speaking, but the collection is really hot. At the same time, though Stella McCartney was my best friend, I would take advantage too. Apparently especially the collaboration between them is just beginning.

If only our evenings Instagram reported us as much as this collection between the two stars …

Come on, I’ll stop bitching, I have to go think about how to become BFF Stella.

And if not, the parts will be for sale this fall and prices start at about 700 euros. A meditation.

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