Google will launch its own shows connected

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 The device is in the final stages of its development and Google is negotiating with component suppliers in Asia.

Google is preparing to launch mass production of a smart watch, said Tuesday, Oct. 29 the “Wall Street Journal” citing sources familiar with the matter. A connected object that directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and to Apple iWatch possible .

The device is in the final stages of its development and Google is in negotiations with component suppliers in Asia about its production, which could begin in the coming months, he stated these sources.

 The work shows the mobile operating system from Google, Android , and integrate his personal assistance Google Now system.

 A market of 1.4 billion
Gooogle Now is a personal assistant and personalized available on Android and iOS in the form of an application. Specifically, Google Now store data on user behavior. With this, the wizard provides custom queries to oral and written responses, make recommendations and perform actions by delegating requests to online services.

Google would also work to reduce energy consumption of the device to limit the frequency of recharging its battery. Connected with this watch, Google wants to respond to criticism from skeptics about these accessories: utility and battery life.

In September, the U.S. web giant revealed its interest in smart watches when the acquisition of Wimm Labs , a company specializing in high-tech watches, was stale. A transaction discreetly end of 2012. Before its acquisition, Wimm Labs began to develop SDKs for connected shows called Wimm One. A product that should have been released in 2013.

Artem Russakovskii, founder of the website specialized AndroidPolice, said Oct. 3 that Google would announce “a watch Nexus , codenamed ‘Gem’ on October 31. ”

In any case, the Mountain View company in October 2012 filed a patent that describes a “smart clock” with a valve in which there is a second screen to display additional information.

An object of future

The agency that Jupiter Research believes that portable computing market is expected to weigh 1.4 billion in 2014 . The ABI Research predicted that the booming market: it could reach 485 million units sold per year by 2018. More broadly, the global watch market turns in excellent health. It should weigh $ 60 billion this year, including $ 1.5 billion in France for a sector where margins reach 60%! What do drool manufacturers.

Watch connected appears as a real opportunity for builders. Danielle Levitas of IDC, also sees some interest for consumers who want to be connected, noting “it is less rude to look at his wrist that his smartphone out of his pocket.” But designers need to determine precisely what consumers want, including in terms of design to find the right size: large enough to be useful without seeming too bulky. The risk that the connected shows relegated to mere accessory.

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