Google Street View addresses stations and airports

Posted on Nov 27 2013 - 6:13am by Admin

Google once again extends the boundaries of its mapping service by calling in fifty stations and airports. He offers his famous Street View, which allows a virtual tour at ground level.


From Waterloo Station (London) within a plane, Google is now attacking the mapping public places dedicated to travel. The search engine has announced the integration of views necessary for the virtual tour of fifty stations and airports around the world.In the lot , there is eg Barajas airport (Madrid), Narita (Tokyo) or Congonhas (Sao Paulo), the Taipei Main Station (Taiwan) and the famous cable car that takes tourists on the heights of the Peak in Hong Kong.

Beyond the discovery dimension, Google seems to believe that this service will help travelers better prepare their trips to these places sometimes complicated to understand. The views however are not complete: for example not pass the security checks in Madrid or visit the boarding areas: Only allowed in public areas are navigable.

Without knowing if it is a sponsored, operation also adorns Google Maps Street View of an Airbus A380 Emirates, located on the tarmac of the airport of Dubai, which it is not yet mapped in detail today.

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