Google, Apple, Samsung … War is Declared Connected Watches

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Smart watches are a tribute to the show consumer electronics in Berlin, IFA. Samsung has created a stir with its Galaxy Gear while Apple and Google are still discrete in this promising market.


In unveiling its smartwatch 4 September at the IFA in Berlin, Samsung had much to short its main rival Apple also awaited on the ground watches connected since the first rumors about the iWatch dating back to 2011.

After the smartphone and tablet, this new accessory (or gadget?) Could be the new playground of the giants of high tech. “This is a golf game quite natural for manufacturers, after the wave of smartphones. Battle now covers products satellites that will take over mobile phones,” said Philippe Torres, Director of Digital Strategy and Council the Atelier BNP Paribas.

According to Juniper Research , the market for smart watches should take off thanks to the MFP. The British firm provides around 36 million smart watches sold per year by 2018, against only 1 million in 2013. Sony, the precursor of this evolving market, the forecasts are more ambitious. The Japanese giant expects sales of 41 million by 2016 smart watches. The agency Bloomberg would assess the market to $ 6 billion just for the firm at the apple. This probably explains why nearly 100 designers working on the project in Cupertino ….

A New Gadget?

But a smart watch what exactly? Here is the new object which the manufacturers hope that consumers will not want to happen. The touch screen wrist makes calling, surfing the internet, monitor mails, its notifications on Facebook or Twitter, listen to music, and everything via Bluetooth and / or NFC … These are applications that are strangely similar to those already offered by smartphones and tablets, say critics. Nothing new, then. If it is only the smart watch, need to search his mobile in his pocket, his tablet in his bag. Just take a look at his wrist and voila. And these multi-function watches also see it as the perfect tool for sports, offering applications activity control, health monitoring, mapping paths running or cycling … What make the object trend.

By taking the first, Samsung intends to gain an advantage over his main rival. After the smartphone market, it intends to monopolize the watches connected with its Galaxy Gear. And expect a “double Kisscool effect.” It will actually have a smartphone or tablet brand to use his watch. Enough to kill two birds with one stone. But what also close the door to the owners of competing smartphones evolving Android … For Philippe Torres, nothing more normal at the same time, because “in Samsung’s strategy now is to close the market. They feel it is mature enough and have enough users to provide their smartwatch only those who own a smartphone brand. “

No Flexible Screen From Samsung

In a paper published by the Korea Times , before the official presentation of the show, Lee Young-hee, the vice president of Samsung’s mobile division has put an end to rumors of a flexible screen and said the Galaxy Gear “improve and enrich the current mobile experience in different ways. “

In this field, Sony has also tried to take a step ahead in late June with its SmartWatch 2, both interface and remote control for Android smartphone, sold in September to 199 euros. The Japanese electronics giant is displayed for the moment as the market leader since the 2007 launch of its first Bluetooth watch and counting on the experience to keep hold.

He states account for now about 500,000 customers. It offers the other 200 applications available on Google Play. Almost one million applications have already been downloadées. But with the scheduled arrival of the Korean juggernaut, not sure Sony has no trouble to do.

For Lee Young-hee, the watch connected “is a new trend in mobile communication. We are convinced that the new Gear will provide a significant boost to the mobile industry.” Given the firepower of Korean, it might hurt.

To a Google-Apple Game?

As for Apple, the speculation is rife. If an appointment was set for Sept. 10 for an iPhone 5S presentation and a low cost iPhone 5C, point to iWatch. According Wanli Wang, an analyst at CIMB Securities, and Taiwan Apple Daily newspaper, two Taiwanese companies, Inventec and Quanta Computer, however, have been commissioned to make the smart watch sporting Apple. But it will have to wait until 2014 for its marketing, says the Financial Times and CIMB Securities analyst. Enough to leave some time for Samsung to settle comfortably in this market. “Apple has not released the first smartphone, but it has marketed the best mobile phones. This is their trademark,” Philippe Torres analysis. He added: “The question is whether the firm at the apple out the best shows connected.”

On the other giant, Google, we know a little more for this weekend . The American group has confirmed that he put his hand on Wimm Labs specialist watches connected, redemption dating back to 2012. That says a lot about his ambitions. To Philippe Torres, “c e is crucial is the operating system and applications. This is why Apple and Google are still ahead.

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