Global 2022: France and Germany “Have Pushed for Qatar”

Posted on Nov 23 2013 - 9:30am by Admin

According to the FIFA president, the two countries have a responsibility to the controversial decision to hold the World Cup in this country.


The choice of Qatar for the World Cup in 2022 was done under the “pressure” of France and of Germany , said the FIFA President, Joseph Blatter at a press conference in Rome, after being received by Pope Francis. After his meeting with the Holy Father, in which he defended the message of peace of football, the head of world football has told reporters a tour of the football news, ensuring that Brazil “will not let his chance “and its successful World Cup in 2014.

What do you think criticism of working conditions at the sites of the World 2022 Qatar?

Joseph Blatter: European governments have also had to express their opinion, it is too easy to say that after all the responsibility is on the Fifa. Remember that large European companies working there, and companies are also responsible for their workers. France and Germany, countries that control in Europe, lobbied for organizing this tournament in Qatar. FIFA is in contact with (humanitarian association) Amnesty International. And I went myself in Qatar, because you always listen to the other side of the story, ding dong and. Qatar said he had a ten-point plan to monitor how the situation progresses.

This World 2022 he played in the winter?

Fifa will consider shortly the opportunity to play at the end of the year, in November or December. But we must take into account all the parameters for the schedule, teams and players, leagues and federations, but also the media and marketing.

Will you expand the World beyond 32 participants?

The distribution of seats should be reviewed, with six teams from South America, four from North America and Europe thirteen, there are only nine places in other continents. But the World 32 is at its maximum, with a formula that guarantees fairness.

Are you satisfied with the readiness of Brazil in six months after the 2014 World Cup?

Brazil will not let his chance. I am an optimist, I’m sure all politicians at national and local level are aware of what represents an opportunity to organize the World Cup. As for the people, his great expectation is that Brazil wins!

Matches this Brazilian World could they play at night rather than the afternoon when it gets too hot?

The next Congress in Salvador de Bahia, we will discuss, we have received many requests about it.

Do you know if you will represent you to the presidency of FIFA?

I do not have the energy to remove me (laughs) …

What did you say with Pope Francis?

It was a very positive audience with the Holy Father, a meeting between two men of sport, and two football fans. The purpose was to discuss what football and religion can do together to build a better world. His message is that football can bring education. With this game, we connect people. There are 300 million affiliated players, footballers 1.2 billion. The Holy Father told me not to be modest: I have a billion followers, has he said.

There you not rebuked the riches drained by the football?

Football is the dominant sport, but it’s still a game, a fantastic game, is emotion, passion, but it is also one of the largest economies in the world, around the stadiums, transfers, salaries players, tourism fans … Now we can not stop this economy.

Did you talk about other subjects?

Yes, peace. We have developed with the Nobel Foundation handshake for (handshake for peace) peace. We exchanged with the Holy Father (he mimes with his press secretary, Ed). We want to introduce in football, we also believe release doves of peace before each game of the World Cup in Brazil.

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