Giroud, A “Guarantee” For Deschamps

Posted on Sep 17 2013 - 11:35am by Admin

Looking back! Already present on the board Telefoot Sunday morning, Didier Deschamps continued the tour of TV shows to find in the evening on the Club BeIN SPORT. And five days after the playoff win the World Cup 2014 on Belarus, the coach of the France team had to justify their choices. It has instead promoted the balance of the side traffic, yet very weak offensively. However, the former Marseille also confessed that Giroud offered more guarantees than Benzema against teams combined.


Severely shaken by Bixente Lizarazu, his former tag team partner of France, this Sunday on the board Téléfoot, Didier Deschamps has not provided interrupted his media tour. And in the evening, the current coach of the France team was back on the bridge, via Club on BeIN SPORT, to justify his choice after the last victory of the Blues in Belarus (2-4). Unconvincing in the game despite the victory, and the Blues had suffered some criticism from most commentators after the match.

Faced with Olivier Ruiz and his cohort of consultants on the Qatari channel, the former coach of Olympique Marseille initially defended the record of Dimitri Payet, though rather low in the right flank, before revealing that Olivier Giroud brought him more guarantees than Karim Benzema against such opponents. Somehow a repudiation for Madrid striker in favor of Gunner while the first has not scored a goal for Les Bleus since June 5, 2012 and one game ahead of Estonia (4-0). The Reunion, he can count on extenuating circumstances to explain his poor performance. “There was the context, the pressure” apologized “Dede”, however noting that the former Lille would “gain consistency.” “Dimitri remained fairly fixed on the right side, too. It has flashes, it has gained aggression from Lille,” he added.

As for Benzema, he also suffers from competition with Giroud who walks on water now with Arsenal. Dedicated to dominate most of the opposition against the sidekick of the European scene (at least in terms of possession), France could very well see the old Montpellier to settle permanently in point. “I respect everyone’s position but I will never be a team based on what is said (in the press, ed),” nevertheless wished first to temper the technician. In the process, this talk about Olivier Giroud however leave little doubt: “I felt at that time that Giroud gave me more guarantees from the group he did not score but he is on two goals. . Olivier (Giroud, ed) is in the same pivotal role it is generous. It has a more pivotal role while Karim like to leave the axis. I had a choice of player. It seemed better to have a team with Mathieu (Valbuena, ed) just below and Franck (Ribery, ed) and Dimitri (Payet ed) on the sides. “

Inadequate against these teams, the profile of Karim Benzema seems to condemn him to the status of replacing when, conversely, Sagna and Clichy were upheld despite the performance below average on the wings and a huge waste centers . “They have the freedom, I’m not going to stop, then explained” The Deche. “When they (the ball, ed), they can go after. Today they judge the quality of their centers. This is not their primary function. These are primarily defenders even if they are alternately bring the surplus. ” Defenders no doubt, but the Blues do not they suffered from some poverty on the offensive?

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