Getting Started with HTC Vivid Mini One and One Blue

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IFA 2013

The IFA is gloomy for HTC, which, unlike its competitors Sony or Samsung, merely to present 300 Desire and Desire 601 , and a version of its flagship 2013, the HTC One version Vivid Blue . The Mini One was also presented in a similar color, history seduce a larger number of consumers.

Getting Started with HTC Vivid Mini One and One Blue 3 Getting Started with HTC Vivid Mini One and One Blue 5The novelty may seem anecdotal, presented as follows: rather than renew its line of smartphones, HTC prefers to settle for a colored version of its terminals One. But this is more a strategic shift trying to differentiate itself from other players in the sector, increasing the premium for each new show: it is to let live a little more than a quarter of a smartphone, which at its output is positioned around 650 euros and, if the latter does not carry Snapdragon 800 demerit does not (yet) deal with many of its competitors. And wait a few months before releasing a new smartphone, is to allow time to develop a new machine capable of creating buzz, allowing teams to R & D brand refine their baby. And reduce development costs in high-end …

Getting Started with HTC Vivid Mini One and One Blue 2Getting Started with HTC Vivid Mini One and One BlueMy Views On HTC

Anyway, I must admit that HTC offers beautiful terminal with One and One mini Vivid Blue. The farting on a turquoise metallic hull looks pretty feminine, but after all, it will attract a broad public has had enough of eternal black / white / gray … especially as this pure color is present at the front, on the back and the edges of the terminals.

Getting Started with HTC Vivid Mini One and One Blue 4For the rest, the Mini One (pictures below, alongside the One red version) as the One does not see their features vary one iota. Both come out to a similar price to their gray or black predecessor and costs 449 euros (One mini) and 649 euros (One) by October. (One test HTC and HTC One mini)

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