Galtier: “You Are An Idiot And Incompetent”

Posted on Sep 14 2013 - 11:26am by Admin

Thus spoke Christophe Galtier an Algerian journalist who published an article in The Scorer where he suggested that racism was behind the shelving of Faouzi Ghulam.


“At Saint-Etienne , it’s not always good to be Algerian and Muslim. “This sentence, published Wednesday in The Striker, made ​​a lot of noise in the Drill. It is taken from an article in which the Algerian newspaper mentions the case of Ghulam Faouzi , who lost his starting spot in recent months on the side of the ASSE. According to the Striker, the difficulties of the left side, the Greens wanted to sell this summer but ended up staying after transfer aborted Torino would be linked to racial considerations.

The Etienne staff did not appreciate that the player, after choosing the Algerian team, refuses to overlook an internship with the Desert Foxes before CAN 2012. Therefore relations are now strained Ghulam and Christophe Galtier, according to the Algerian journalist, who “Faouzi pays his devotion to his country, it is clear and unambiguous,” and concludes his article: “In any case, when one is Algerian immigrants in France or son, it will show more than a young French at risk of being ignored.”

Galtier response was quick. Before his press conference on Thursday, coach Green spoke. “This morning I read an article about me, made ​​by a reporter of a newspaper called The Striker, in Algeria, where he calls me a racist, Galtier said, before turning directly to the journalist in question. Sir, you are an idiot and an incompetent. I’m not racist and I’ve never been. And if I ‘ was, I would have been stupid, given my background. I feel insulted and assaulted. As insulted me, I respond with an insult. And this one, she’s nice. ”

Ghulam should quickly re-appeared on the leaves of Saint-Etienne match. Away from the first team after the failure of his transfer to Turin, Algerian international has found his teammates in training. “The player wanted to apologize, explained the Greens in a statement posted on their website Official start of the week. He expressed sincere regrets about his behavior and pledged to give priority values ​​of the ASSE. defender also met with coach Christophe Galtier, reaffirming its commitment to ‘all to give his trainer ‘club. “

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