Galaxy and Galaxy Round Gear, “Green Tomatoes” That do not Sell

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Both “innovative” products of Samsung are struggling to find buyers, even in the domestic market. Aboutis not enough for some experts, they still represent a lucrative market…


Innovation does not necessarily mean commercial success. Two products launched by Samsung in recent weeks show , the Galaxy Gear, watch connected Korean giant, and its curved screen smartphone , the Galaxy Round.

Curved but bad sales

According to an article in Business Korea , the smartphone launched in the Korean market only for now , does not shine by its sales, since its best sales days saw flow less than a hundred units, with accumulated under 10,000 units sold monthly sales.

For some analysts, the Galaxy Round was not designed to be a bestseller , but to strengthen the innovation of Samsung reputation. That is why the phone is not sold anywhere in the world and that its production should not exceed 50,000 copies , says Business Korea .

Another industry source said that Samsung has sent out this product but it is clearly not reached yet : ” Round the Galaxy has a thick medium because Samsung has not been able to produce curved batteries in quantity and the addition of glass not a tribute to the screen , making it thick and heavy product . […] It shows no benefits of a flexible smartphone from its grip, which is the only marketing element highlighted. “

No time sales

For its part, according to the same newspaper, the Galaxy Gear Korea is better, but not much more. Launched on September 25, it would have sold less than 50,000 units, with a daily 800 or 900 watches average. Better results can also be explained because the product is successful, which is why it is sold globally.

Since the launch of its shows connected, Samsung has increased the number of compatible devices but sales are still weak. According to an industry expert mobile devices, quoted by Business Korea, “the Samsung products are a revolutionary test”.

A green product just waiting to ripen

This, somehow, joined analysis David Eun, head of the Open Innovation Center at Samsung. At a conference organized by Business Insider, it appears the process of creating new products to a tomato. “What we have to do are small green tomatoes and what we need to do is take care and ensure that they become large red and ripe tomatoes.”

It also put forward the issue of not launching a product too early, “you must ensure that you do not pick the green tomatoes too early.” He then defended the decision to Samsung and rejected the criticisms of these two products: “You must also be careful not to blame a small tomato not be a big ripe tomato.”

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