Formal Eid Collection 2013 by Zainab Chotani

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 3:22pm by Admin

Zainab Chotani has been lunched some very beautiful and attractive beautiful and attractive collection in the season of coming Eid 2013. Zainab has been launched these collection in formal way and launched for few days ago.

Previous days the collection is full of comfort dresses and the women and girls love to buy and wear it. This collection is specially made for eid days in the year of 2013. Zainab Chotani was one of the best fashion designers in Pakistan and her collection is full of awesome looking. She became very successful in very short time period. Her fashion house is very old but the work is going superb and she also gave the experience of women and tell her how we making our lifestyle good. Zainab Chotani introduced very nice and beautiful collection on the day of eid 2013 and her collection is totally about formal dresses.

Formal Eid Collection 2013 by Zainab Chotani

Formal Eid Collection 2013 by Zainab Chotani

Most beautiful color of her collection is shady purple that is looking very lovable. Her collection is totally consisting of long kameez; the style of this kameez is looking awesome. Frocks, saree are also including in her collection. Zainab Chotani focuses a lot in eastern dresses which were going in to the trends. Girls looking more and more beautiful in modern cut and the looks are totally changed. Women buy many dresses in the collection of zainab Chotani in this year. The reason is that in this month the eid is coming. So we have a lot of choice that which dress we select on us then we purchase it. Recently the collection of zainab Chotani is launched and all the dresses are looking very attractive and nice. Everyone loves to wear it.

Formal Eid Collection 2013 by Zainab Chotani


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