For Deschamps, Evra Is Legitimate

Posted on Sep 17 2013 - 11:21am by Admin

Most commented, speech Patrice Evra and consequences halftime of the game the team of France against Belarus (4-2) was able to leave skeptical about the influence in the locker room of a tricolor always player controversial. Didier Deschamps, guest Telefoot, there is nothing wrong.


“I just did my job to former.” Patrice Evra , praised by many of his teammates, Franck Ribery led to his speaking presented as decisive in the middle of the match team face France to Belarus (4-2) last Tuesday in the qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup, has attracted many comments. Including the legitimacy of a player in the image still controversial since the events of Knysna, but still talented, despite his status as a substitute in the meeting, a strong influence on the tricolor cloakroom. Developed, some say, to suggest that the player would Evra found the words that have failed to coach Didier Deschamps.

A version that seemed to support this Sunday morning on the set of the show Telefoot Bixente Lizarazu, the star consultant TF1, with the coach lights, who was his teammate and captain in the France team world champion in 1998. And who had the gift of irritating Deschamps: “It will not in opposition, the fact that there are players who speak the ritual is always the same in the locker room at halftime of a course.. I talked to Pat (Evra) spoke and others too … I do not understand why it can disturb.

It is in a position to replace, it has been the afternoon a large family bereavement … If someone is accused of having an attitude that is in line with the collective being replaced, I have trouble understanding. What happened there three years, c ‘ was more than negative, then it goes in the direction of collective Or being told:. “. Anyway, Evra, he no longer needs to be there” for me, it’s not my way of thinking. ” Lizarazu, obviously not convinced, and insisted surprised by the inability of this group to renew France’s leaders.

“It does not just happen overnight. Should legitimacy, an experience. (…) There was a time he (Evra) is there. If I take it from the beginning of the adventure, the is not to make him happy or because I knew when I was in Monaco . (…) Yes, it is important and holds in Manchester. It has been six years since he played seventy games per season . Afterwards, it can be good or not so good, and if I do not have played the second game, I told him … “It will be understood: Evra, if not essential in the field retains the spirit of a special place Deschamps. And his speech in Belarus is proof: “It starts with a good feeling, I do not see why something negative in there because it is in line with the collective we find This is m ‘. interested.

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