Finally listeners for Google Glass

Posted on Nov 14 2013 - 6:54am by Admin

Owners of Google Glass will soon hear their favorite connecting to Google Play and use special headphones sold by Google (85 dollars HT) pieces. A real oversight in the first draft glasses.


Yesterday, Google revealed online last concocted functionality for users of its Glass. “Soon,” they will have access to millions of songs through space selling music online Google Play. “In the coming weeks, users will have a new voice command to them:” Glass Okay, listen. ” It will allow them to access their favorite songs on Google Play, “the company said on Glass Google+ page. The Mountain View company also indicates the availability lightweight stereo designed specifically for the mobile system headphones. “High quality audio, these headphones available in five interchangeable colors allow users to always hear what is happening around them,” said Google.

Giant net did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but according to the New York Times, the headphones will be available by the end of the month for $ 85 HT. Video shows in more detail how the service will work. For example, if a user of Google Glass wants to know the title of a song he hears in his immediate environment, he can ask “What song is this? “For the desired information, some that make applications such as Shazam and SoundHound. Glass display the title and the user will be able to listen now or later. In a blog post, Google says that users of Google Glass will “in the coming weeks,” a more detailed service message.

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The range of music is added to other services designed for Google Glass, such as taking photos and videos with no hands or find his way and see his way to the small screen portable eyewear. Glass users also have access to instant translator Google Translate. They also have the ability to query the search engine Google for answers to general questions. For now, the device is only accessible to a limited number of U.S. residents in the program Explorer and Google who paid $ 1,500 HT to enjoy a preview of portable glasses of the firm.

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