FC Barcelona Could soon Leave the Nou Camp Stadium and Change

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In January FC Barcelona take a very important decision regarding his legendary stadium, Camp Nou. Before submitting their choice socios who will also have their say, the Barça leaders will decide between building a new stadium and a simple renovation of the stage.


The Camp Nou is undoubtedly one of the most famous European speakers. With nearly 100,000 places available, the FC Barcelona stadium and the largest in the Old Continent. Catalan, Camp Nou means “new stadium”. However, its construction dates from 1957. And if several renovations have nevertheless been made since the Barça leaders would consider to move their supporters. A decision to be taken early January.

New stadium Nou Camp or covered?

Since last September, Barcelona communicates on its stage near future . But on Monday, the director and spokesman of the board of the club who confirmed that the Camp Nou could soon change of address. “These two projects between which we do not have have made ​​our choice. But in all cases, the Barcelona stadium will have a capacity of 105,000 spectators (against 99,354 now) and will be fully covered, “said Toni Freixa has after a press conference took place after a meeting of the Board of Directors.

According Freixa, the new speaker of the Blaugrana could either move on the grounds of the University of Barcelona, ​​or be provided with a retractable roof as recent stage that the Allianz Arena, Amsterdam Arena and the future velodrome Om. According to some indiscretions, construction of a new stadium could cost the club around € 600 million, while the price of renovations would total between 300 and 400 million euros.

A Decision Voted Socios

But in Spain and more in Barcelona, ​​major decisions are not made without the advice of 150,000 socios club has been consulted. According Toni Freixa, invite the strongest Barça fans to vote for one of the two projects “is a decision that must be made ​​thoughtfully, without rushing.” From there, it is hard to imagine Messi and teammates play one day away from the historic Camp Nou.

Even PSG, where fans have much less influence on the club as their Catalan counterparts, the disappearance of the Parc des Princes is debated. In Paris, Qatari leaders finally opted for renovations and expansion . And Barcelona is also the option that could be unanimously.

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