F1: Singapore Grand Prix, Alonso, Vettel Duel In “Sound and Light”

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If They Win Sunday, Sebastian Vettel Significantly Closer To The Title Of World Champion. Unless Alonso Does Not Shine In the Spotlight.


For all involved in Formula 1 GP of Singapore is primarily an exceptional setting with this route that winds through Bay City-State and the many buildings, all at night. But this appointment is primarily a race in town with all the features that this type of circuit requires: difficulty passing, errors prohibited driving and, above all, safety, often because output. But this type of layout is also conducive to unusual scenarios will add spice to an ultra-league dominated by Sebastian Vettel . This is the analysis of Patrick Rivaz, “the” voice of Formula 1 broadcast on France Inter and France Info. The journalist, following Formula 1 since 1982, will stop at the end of the season. For Auto-Addict, it decrypts the key issues of this race weekend.

All Actors In The Formula 1 Grand Prix Describe This As One Of The Most Pleasant Season. What Is The Atmosphere During The Weekend Of Racing?

F1-Singapore-Grand-Prix-Alonso-Vettel Duel-In-Sound-and-Light

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” said Patrick Grivaz. The only homer of the season played at night offers “breathtaking views of the marina with the lights of buildings and hotels.” If, as noted journalist, the city-state of Singapore is known as the city where “everything is not fun,” she nevertheless cheers during the three days of competition. “Many Europeans working throughout Asia come to spend the weekend” around the circuit with a “good-mood”. And, to attend a “sound and light” single in the F1 championship.

For drivers, The Weekend Also Out Of The Ordinary Since They Are Keyed On “European Time”. S How ‘They Organize Practice?

The free practice sessions, qualifying and the race thus compete at night. On Sunday, when the Grand Prix is ​​broadcast 14 hours – French time – it is 20 hours, local time. While “pilots and engineers to come only 17 hours on the track.” To do this, each remains stalled on European time and not to be shifted, wakes up to 13 hours, local time. “The first few days, pilots and engineers are forced to sleep until about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.” In hotels, the staff is also cautioned to not disturb their sleep.

In Five Races In Singapore, Three Were Won By The Pole Sitter. Can Sebastian Vettel Once Again Kill The Competition?


Best of the three free practice sessions, pole sitter at the end of qualifications and race winner Sebastian Vettel crossed the last Grand Prix at Monza two weeks ago. The difficulties of overtaking in this city circuit – “there is no release and very few loopholes on this track,” admits Patrick Grivaz – necessarily favor the fastest car on Saturday in qualifying. And therefore the most powerful at the time, that of Sebastian Vettel. “But beware: street circuits, like Monaco, undertake not to make a mistake: the slightest swerve is sanctioned and is the abandonment,” the journalist of Radio France, recalling that the safety car intervened in each of the five races that have already taken place in Singapore. For German competitors, not the right to be wrong: it is the last opportunity to threaten the leader of the world championship

Ferrari Provides Many Innovations On Its Cars. Fernando Alonso Can He Prevail Ahead Of Sebastian Vettel?


The Italian team is the only team to continue work on the development of his car this season, while all teams are now focused on the upcoming season, with the change of the expected engine. Will increase the chances of Fernando Alonso? “There is a window of opportunity still exists for him in the end of the championship,” Patrick Rivaz analysis. “This is his last chance to tease Sebastian Vettel if the Red Bull driver finished second Sunday, Alonso at least delay the deadline.” For the moment, the German is in the best disposition to win his fourth consecutive title of world champion. If they win Sunday, it could be crowned in the next race in Abu Dhabi.

Mark Webber (Red Bull) Has Admitted Having Trouble Motivating Themselves This Weekend. Is Shared By All Drivers Feeling?


The Australian rider, who will retire next year to join the F1 Porsche Endurance Championship, did not hide a lack of motivation, “one of the reasons for my decision,” he said in conference Press Thursday. “He feels that he should move on,” said Patrick Rivaz. “For him, it is difficult, it would end up winning, but it’s hard to see how he can do better than Vettel by the end of the season.” However, for the other drivers, no reason not to give background. As an illustration, Felipe Massa, who is leaving Ferrari at the end of the season, is determined to play his own card: “It will probably give the maximum.” The confusing constraints weekend (at night, in the city, and therefore a risk of rain) offer a lot of uncertainties that could benefit some drivers. And help provide entertainment for spectators and viewers.

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