Euro Basketball: This is the Area for the Blues

Posted on Sep 14 2013 - 7:52am by Admin

ANALYSIS Noah, Traore and Turiaf absent, the French suffer. Lithuania defeated by Wednesday, they face Latvia tonight for a place in the quarterfinals.


It was as clear as spring water. Thus equipped, and given an initial phase just tedious, France basketball team was wallowing. It was scheduled for the first match of the second round. Well, it was done with talent Wednesday night, face, it is true, to a very good Lithuania (62-76). Tonight, the Blues will still have the opportunity to qualify for the quarterfinals. Latvia beat rough enough. But this training alliance barons rear and novices inside, seems made of steel tender.

First, remember the obvious: the pivot, the absence of Joakim Noah is an insurmountable handicap. If France went the final two years ago at Euro Lithuania, it was, in part, to its Chicagoan mad dog. None are within defends with such a density. If Ali Traore packages, the suave technique, and one of Ronny Turiaf, vocal leader is added, it is clear that the French painting resembles the desert of the Tartars. A hair, coach Vincent Collet, called two ghosts with long forearms like a day without bread: Alexis Ajinça ​​(2m15) and Johan Petro (2m12).


The first author of an excellent season in Pro A Strasbourg, arrived at the Euro stuffed full. And revenge. Ousted in 2009 to ageism and indolence, he had to show his beautiful Ljubljana progression. Obviously, there is another player (8 points and 7 rebounds on average). Weighted with several pounds of muscle weighs more Ajinça ​​in position at the bottom position. Combined with its technical near the circle and creativity of good quality, it is interesting on offensive sequences. Problem, its base and its support are too light to hold, in defense, as mastards Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas, Serbian Nenad Krstic, and Spaniard Marc Gasol, who he makes about 10 pounds. Finally, the science of investment is still very naive, which complicates the lives of the France team when the opponent plays pick and roll.

Johan Petro, he suffers from another evil. Modern Pivot who likes to spread the great jitter Zhejiang Guangsha Lions, his new Chinese club, opens the French racket to the four winds. If his shot was halfway fly more often, give him the good God without faith. But between low playing time (eight minutes), address lowered, and lack of confidence, Petro pick 3 points and 2 rebounds per game. At this level, present with an unreliable domestic sector appears prohibitive.

To beat the Blues, the opponents simply cut lines passes Tony Parker and besieged for forty minutes. The playmaker San Antonio has already given a lot and rely on its own miracles is a tactic for less light. If in addition, Nicolas Batum, who announced in the press will be the best winger Euro continues its offensive mismanagement, the Blues may quickly squirt.

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